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Fun Ways to Celebrate Your Cat’s Birthday

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If you are someone who owns a feline fur baby, you know that they are more than just a pet. Therefore, they deserve and require more attention than anyone. That is why they need to have a super special birthday, that will not be your typical party. You can’t just give them a few treats or give them more hugs and toys that you would on a normal day; they need to have something special in store for them. But because we all know that cats aren’t really interested in having other cats or animals over, you will need to think of something different. That is why we are providing you with some fun ways you can celebrate your cat’s birthday. 

Provide Them with Extra Treats

Just like any other animal, cats love to eat, especially treats. There is no better day to spoil them than their birthday. All you need to do is go to your local pet shop and get a wide variety of fun treats to try out. Give them to your cat throughout the day, but make sure you don’t go overboard and make them sick.

Invite People Who Your Cat Likes, But Maybe Skip Other Cats

As we all know, unlike dogs’ cats don’t really enjoy having other cats over. So, your first step is not to invite any other cats. If you want to host a party, just invite their favorite people over and have them in the center of attention. 

Buy Them Some Catnip 

If your cat is one of those who just go crazy about catnip, there is no better time to let them indulge in it than their birthday. Instead of getting them, just the straight-up catnip makes sure you get some toys that have it as well. It will not only make them feel amazing; it will be entertaining to watch them run around like crazy.

Pamper Your Cat

One of the best ways to celebrate your cat’s birthday is to simply pamper them to the fullest. It will be super fun for both you and them. They are creatures of comfort, so you will want to get them super cozy things to use. If you are not in the position to buy them a lot of stuff, all you can do is let in the sun so they can sunbathe, put on warm, fresh sheets so they can enjoy them fists. But if you want to give them something special, you can get cute cat id tags to make them feel special. 

Set Up Empty Boxes All Over the Place

What some people don’t realize is that you don’t need to buy your expensive cat toys. No matter how expensive toys and beds you get them, they will always like boxes better. To make it a perfect and fun birthday party, fill your house with a bunch of cardboard boxes and toilet paper rolls. You will be creating cat heaven by doing so. 

Get Them A Friend

If you and your partner are ready to adopt together another furry friend, there is no better time to introduce your cat to their potential new sibling. That is because, on that day, they will get treats, have new toys, and be a happy cat overall. 

Make It a Costume Party

If your cat likes you to put clothes on her, make the party a fun photoshoot. Get a bunch of fun, cute costumes for them. You can even make it a costume party for humans too and have a fun photo booth where everybody can take cute photos. 

Accept Donations Instead of Gifts

Even though your cat will appreciate and love getting new toys, and you don’t want to take that away from her special day, it’s great to accept donations. It can be a shelter from where they got adopted; it can be an adoption party or other shelters that need help. You can also donate all or some toys that people got your cat if you don’t need it. Another fun way is simply to have a donation box, and everyone who wants can donate money to the shelter of your choice. 

Celebrating your cat’s birthday shouldn’t be just an excuse for you to throw a party. It needs to be a fun get together where both you and your cat will have a good time. There is nothing more heartwarming than showing your cat how much they mean to you. 

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