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How To Create An Irresistibly Romantic Garden

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Gardening is not something that should be taken lightly, at least not if you’re a true enthusiast. People often take it up as a hobby, but it shortly becomes an essential part of their life as they get enamored with this beautiful art form. Just like art, your garden can have many forms and styles. 

If you’re a truly romantic soul, you’re going to like what we have to offer to you. Here are some great ideas, tips, and tricks you can use to create an irresistibly romantic garden. You can do it to impress a loved one, or even better, create a piece of paradise just for yourself. 

1. Start with the right gate choice

Open gardens look nice too, but it’s more practical to have a matching gate that fits your romantic garden. Plus, romantics are often introverted, and a heavenly garden is their secret recluse, a place where they can free their mind and get in touch with their inner self, and of course, Mother Nature.

There are many gate styles and sizes, but if you want to nail a romantic look, you probably need something vintage. Getting an old-timey gate is not as difficult as it sounds. A simple internet search can suffice, but you can also check out local shops and see if someone can craft you a gate with a vintage look.

If you go for this type of gate and want to have a fully vintage garden, you can get some matching plants as well. Let’s discuss that option further because it should appeal to most romantic souls reading this. Adding some vines, climber, or liana plants next to your gate can also be beneficial to this romantic, Garden of Eden style.

2. Consider some vintage plants

What exactly are vintage plants? Well, in the 60s and the 70s, people used to prefer more subtle colors, which aren’t as bright and flashy as today. Pick plants and flowers that look delicate, gentle, and smell good.

The colors you should aim for are purple, pink, soft blue, green, and peachy orange. You should pick the plants and flowers yourself, but if you can’t think of a good fit, we suggest hydrangeas because they have that soft vintage look.

3. Link your garden with a path

Many gardeners disregard the path in their garden. In our humble opinion, the path is very important. If you want to go for a completely romantic style, let the path become slightly overgrown. It doesn’t mean that you should let it go, just let the bushes and plants grow freely, gently touching upon the path.

The path itself should be clear so that people can walk through without going through tall grass and shrub. Such messy gardening can lead to your garden swarming with all sorts of insects, and we don’t want that. 

Now, for the choice of path material, you can have any type of rock, or cement, but a grass path feels very romantic if you ask us. Of course, it adds more work to your week, but if you want to commit to a romantic garden, it’s well worth the effort.  

4. What about the furniture?

This is a question that gets asked a lot, and there is no right answer. You don’t have to add cupid statues, heart-shaped chairs, and other romantic ornaments to have a romantic garden. On the contrary, a more rustic, vintage furniture will suffice. 

Adding several metal chairs and a table can be enough, but you shouldn’t limit your choices. Wrought-iron is a good material for your garden furniture because it can survive the elements. Wooden furniture looks good, but it shouldn’t be kept on the outside. Even plastic furniture is more practical, and it doesn’t look so bad. 

If you don’t know where to find vintage furniture, look up some second-hand stores or specialized shops that make it, but beware of the latter because it can get quite pricey, and it’s generally not worth that much. 

5. The sitting area

Benches are very romantic, so you should get one for your garden. Besides a place to sit, you’ll probably want a parasol or other type of cover to protect you from the sun and precipitation. You can build a tiny garden house. We’re not talking about an actual house, but a small space with a roof where you can sit and enjoy yourself. If you prefer, you can build a terrace, patio, or something in the same vein.

This is just a thought, but have you thought about a garden swing? Most romantic souls can agree that a tiny swing can make a garden more romantic. If you like swings or anyone in your family loves them, then, having one in the garden won’t hurt.

6. Other romantic elements

There are many romantic items you can introduce to your garden, even if some of them don’t seem romantic at first glance. Statues and sculptures, if tasteful, can be very romantic. Such pieces add a little art to your romantic getaway, which is also nice.

Another romantic piece in your garden could be a shed. Sure, it’s mostly practical, but depending on its looks, it could add that rustic and even romantic feeling. If you want such a shed, it’s best to make it wooden and have some stylish ornaments on it that make it unique and refreshing.

Last not least, consider adding some rags or cushions to the sitting area in your garden. Logically, they could have flowery patterns but it’s up to you.

7. Let there be light

An important yet overlooked feature of a well-groomed garden is the lights. Let’s not mix up romance with the dark ages. Having a goth garden isn’t romantic, therefore you need some lights. If for any reason, you can get electricity in your garden, that’s not an issue anymore.

Solar energy is becoming more affordable and it’s a great source of energy to fuel some garden lights. Lanterns are probably more romantic than regular lights, but you can be creative with the lighting and keep the romantic touch. If you’re thinking about candles, don’t. You don’t want to engulf your garden in flames as soon as night falls. Mirrors are also a bad idea for a garden if you were wondering about adding them.

8. Let there be water

A prosperous garden needs proper irrigation. You can use a garden hose, sprinklers, etc. as long as you give enough water to your plants. However, irrigation is not exactly romantic and that’s not the only thing we wanted to mention.

What about a tiny, tasteful fountain in your garden? Now that sounds romantic to us. Again, this is just a thought, and you don’t have to go for it if you’re not sure about it. We just find gardens with small ponds or fountains incredibly romantic and appealing. On the other hand, a pool in the middle of the garden isn’t as romantic. 

9. Mind the pots

Even the pots could be romantic if you make the right choice. This choice depends on the choice of flowers, which we will cover in a bit. However, you can probably guess what pots will match this type of garden. Right, vintage, brown clay pots which seem regular are a solid choice. 

A wacky pot could overshadow the beauty of the plant, so it’s not the right call. You can add as many pots as you like, again it depends on the number of plants you have. You’re probably getting antsy, so let’s move on to the plant choice.

10. Grow some niche plants

Sure, roses are very romantic and you should grow them too, but what about some less known plants that are unique and easy to grow? A good example is air plants, and if you’re wondering how to grow air plants – you’ve come to the right place. You need to give them space and air. Also, you should mist them several times a week, and fertilize them every week. Finally, you should shelter them from very low temperatures as well as extremely high temperatures. Ideally, you want to grow an air plant on another tree, where they can get shade and aren’t directly exposed to sunlight.

Palm trees can be romantic too if you want to be reminded of a beach when you walk through your garden. Some people even find cacti romantic, and that’s fine. They remind them of deserts, which are secluded and hot. Creating your oasis in the middle of the desert is kind of romantic, isn’t it?

11. The obvious one

Roses are often associated with romance, so we can’t complete this article without mentioning them. Some people find this to be a cliché, but roses are very romantic and always will be. There isn’t a single type of roses that’s the most romantic though.

All of them are beautiful and they make a great addition to any garden. No matter if you go for the hybrid tea roses which are the most iconic, with many petals and long sterns, the miniature rose, shrub rose, or climber rose, you won’t be wrong.

Climber roses are excellent for the entrance to your garden, they can nicely climb around your gate and attract the visitors from the get-go. Shrub roses are perfect for your garden path, as long as they aren’t directly on it. Some of the roses in this family have an impressive fragrance, which is also a plus.

If you go for a miniature garden style, miniature rose types are the best for you. These are very small and cute, making them a superb addition. Those who have gardens with natural hedges can use polyantha roses to them, with smaller blooms and shorter plants. 


Creating an adorable romantic garden isn’t as difficult as it sounds, but it does take a lot of work. Maintaining it is more demanding than merely setting it up. Plants take a lot of care, but they aren’t as demanding as animals. Remember not to take our advice too seriously, and don’t be offended if some of the things we don’t find romantic are romantic to you. These feelings are very subjective and you should make your version of the romantic garden. After all, that’s the point of this article, helping you realize what you would add to your garden, and what you dislike. 

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