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How To Plan A Guys Holiday Trip

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Planning a guy’s trip away doesn’t have to be complicated. However, there are a few things you should remember and plan for to ensure you have the most amount of fun, no matter your time limit or budget. 

Pack your e juice, call up your mates, and book your tickets; here are a few tips to remember to have the best guy’s trip. 

It’s All About the Destination

Depending on your time constraints, no one wants to spend hours and hours traveling. The last thing you want to do is spend 8 or 12 hours in an airport waiting for your next flight when you could be at the hotel or by the pool. 

Always try and book direct flights, or at least flights that don’t have numerous connections. If you are driving, pick somewhere that is a reasonable distance away. No one is going to complain about a few hours in the car with the boys, but no one will enjoy a two-day car trip. 

Road Trip

On the other hand, a road trip can be the holiday itself. You can easily rent a camper van or RV and go for a drive to see where the road takes you. You have far more control over where you go and how long you are there too. 

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A road trip also opens you up to new possibilities; you never know what you may stumble across, and you can spend the night at the beach, in a forest, or almost anywhere else you can park. 

Look Local

Once again, if you only have a weekend free for the trip, there is nothing wrong with looking for somewhere local to spend it. Unless you live in a tiny town in the middle of nowhere, there is bound to be somewhere you have never been before that is perfect for a getaway. 

You can also go the route of renting a penthouse in the city or a beach house. These are great budget-friendly options, they cut down on travel time, and you’re still close to home in the event of an emergency. 

Choose Somewhere Strange

One thing that can ruin any holiday is being surrounded by hundreds of thousands of tourists. All the sights will be packed, the beaches and restaurants will be full, and many towns and cities will raise their prices when this rush happens too. 

To avoid this, choose somewhere different and off the beaten track. There are so many places to choose from that will have everything you need; there is no need to go to touristy areas. 

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Don’t Do Everything Together

Don’t plan a super-strict itinerary that everyone needs to stick to. All your friends will have different wants and needs from this holiday, and while you should do some things together, ensure people can go out on their own too. 

While this is difficult to plan for, you can avoid holidays that have tours and whatnot included, as you will have to pay for them, but there’s a chance not everyone will want to go on them. 

Stay Flexible 

Don’t overly plan everything beyond your tickets and where you are staying. If you are going somewhere new, you never know what you will find; this is simply planning for the unexpected. 

Book Cheap

guys trip

Unless you have money to burn, try and book a cheap and safe hotel, you are only really going to use it for breakfast and sleeping; therefore, instead, save your money for dinners, activities, and nights on the town. 

You can use Airbnb and other services to find affordable and safe houses or apartments, too, cutting down all the costs involved with staying at a hotel. 

Consider Available Activities

When looking for a destination, consider what you can do there. Is there a beach, tourist attractions, activities, etc.? Is it somewhere that requires a drive to get to anywhere? Understand what is, and more importantly what isn’t, close to where you are staying. 

Once again, you don’t want to spend a ton of time traveling, and you don’t want to spend a lot of money paying for taxis, trains, or buses. 

Stick to an Agreed Budget

guys trip

Money is always a sticky topic during these types of holidays. Not everyone is going to be able to afford everything or want to spend their money on the same things; therefore, you need an agreed-upon budget. 

This budget can be flexible, but at the very least, it ensures everyone will have a good time, and no one will have to miss out on something due to monetary constraints. 

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Know What People Dislike

It is difficult to know what everyone will enjoy; therefore, the easier option is to find out what your friends won’t like. This will allow you to plan easier, as well as avoid anything that one or all of your friends won’t want to do. 

If your friend doesn’t drink, don’t plan a beer manufacturing tour; if one is scared of heights, bungee jumping won’t be for them. This question will help, as many of these activities should be booked in advance.  

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