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What are the Different Levels of Addiction Treatment

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Not every addiction treatment journey looks the same. Addiction treatment centers know this, so they have created different treatment levels to help every person who goes through treatment get the care they need. 

Level 0.5

The first level of care is level .5, which offers early intervention services. These services are best for people who are at risk for or misuse of substances, but not for those who have an addiction. 

These services focus on identifying risk factors and providing resources to stop the risk of addiction before it spirals out of control. Their primary focus is on educating those at risk about the resources available and the signs of a problem. 

Level 1

Level 1 is when someone is recommended to an outpatient program. This level has the treatment option that allows someone to remain in their typical environment but attend recovery programs throughout the week. 

This level allows addicts to work with physicians and professionals on finding medications, therapy, and other treatments without requiring the person to leave work or school. Those in this level should have a strong support system that can keep them accountable. 

There is a Residential Level 1 treatment facility coming soon in Bradenton, Florida, that would be perfect for those who find themselves searching for level 1 treatment. 

Level 2

Treatment in level 2 looks like partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient programs. These programs require more time than a regular outpatient program and are ideal for those who need a bit more help or suffer from more than one disorder. 

This type of treatment sometimes requires short-term hospitalization. Patients can still continue to go to work or school but have more resources like education, counseling, and relapse prevention services available. 

Level 3

Residential or in-patient programs are introduced in level 3. This means the patient is required to be in treatment full-time and live at a rehabilitation or treatment center. These centers can be clinically or medically run, and some centers have more intensive treatment than others. 

The center can provide more stability than someone can get from living at home, and sobriety is often easier to achieve because there is 24-hour care. Access to 24-hour care allows patients to get all the help they need. They will be surrounded by others in the same situation and often participate in group counseling

Level 4

Level 4 treatment is medically managed intensive in-patient care. This is similar to level 3 in that the patient will live in a facility with 24-hour care. This level also offers more medical support and can include medical-assisted detox treatments to help withdrawal symptoms be more manageable. 


Getting help is incredibly brave, and no matter which level of care you need, there is hope for recovery. Any level of addiction treatment is a great way to start a new life of sobriety. Both addicts and loved ones benefit when sober living starts. 

No matter what level of care you seek, be sure to keep up with relapse plans to help you stay on the road to recovery.

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