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5 Principles to Increase your Brain Power and Natural Growth

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Vibrate your mind with the live energy of positive thoughts and natural flow to increase your ‘Brain Power’. Following are the five universal points to increase your brainiac power and natural growth:

Thought Process:

Think what you want to think. Your thoughts must be fearless and full of positive vibes to energize your brain. No doubt, it may depend on your past experience and projections, but it can be affirmed to live in reality as much as you can trust. The Universe is an abundance of cosmic energy and prosperity.

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Each and every word or sentence reflects the real identity of your brain, i.e., What you are? Who are you? From where do you belong? So, create yourself with the energy of positive words and give strength to your communication skills to enlighten your brain identity.


Your reaction to each action is a pictorial form of your brain. Do whatever you want to do, but it may not be harmful to society or nature as well. The reflection of your brain energy can be increased by resourceful action for the welfare of society and mother earth.

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Food Habit:

Food and fruits are only the medium to give energy and growth to the human body, so make a habit to consume the digestive-organic food and fruits with natural herbs to raise your brain power. Don’t forget that bad food habits transform the negative energy in your brain.


The company of inspiring people and books always provides you with positive vibes and certain growth of mind. The brain catches the energy of sounding people itself, so avoid the company of conflicting people to save your brain from draining. The overall growth of the human brain depends on the company provided to him or accepted by him, i.e., Colleagues, Friends, Family members, Books etc.

Hence, a lot of points can be written or explained to define your brain identity with the positive vibrations, but the above five are the most important to follow for increasing your ‘Brain Power’ and positivity in thoughts.

A positive thought is a pathway to keep yourself away from stress and negativity, and it is the key to success with natural growth.

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