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From Masquerade to Luau: Ultimate Guide to Unique Theme Party Ideas 

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Dancing with a tropical juice in one hand and a fancy canape in the other while laughing uproariously at your friends’ dance moves – what could be better? Add a theme to the mix, and you’ve taken the party to a whole new level! 

Themed parties add personality, atmosphere and a sense of togetherness, and this is why they are rising in popularity. If you want to create a memorable event, the theme you choose for your party is important. Choosing the right venue, decorations, menu and games will enhance the mood of your guests at the party as they arrive in their special outfits. 

Masquerade Madness 

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Remember that seductive tension between Romeo and Juliet at the masquerade ball? Famous throughout history as nights of endless thrills, masquerade parties were events with music and dancing where everyone wore some form of mask that covered some (or all) of their face. 

Started by royalty in the 15th century, they became more mainstream throughout Europe in the 17th and 18th centuries. Wearing a mask gives you the freedom to be someone else, free of your normal inhibitions, and this is the power and mystique of masquerade balls. 

To host your own, consider that guests will ideally be wearing elegant attire, along with masks, and should embrace a mysterious aura. A lavish venue, live music, fancy invitations and lots of dancing will elevate your masquerade party to an impressive level. 

Travel Back in Time – Retro Themes 

Art deco and flapper dresses came back in a huge way after the release of The Great Gatsby. The sheer opulence of the parties in that movie is an amazing source of inspiration for your next retro party. If the 1920s don’t inspire you, you could go with the bold checker pattern and vintage gas stations of the 1950s or the groovy ’70s with their big hair, flares and kombi vans.  

For these parties, the outfits you choose need to be bold and fabulous! Make sure your music playlist is on point and keep the colour palette on theme. You might even try to find vintage tableware from these eras, and consider using vinyl records, neon signs, wigs and bold jewellery to really set the tone. 

Under the Stars – Celestial Themes 

If you find the usual party themes yawn-inducing, why not host a celestial-themed party? Astrology has never been more popular, and thanks to all the fancy apps we have on our phones, star gazing has never been easier. The constellations have provided endless fascination for centuries, and hosting a party with this theme is an amazing way to connect us to that primal need to contemplate space. You could hire some telescopes, get crafty and make lots of little planets to hang around the room, and make some celestial-themed mocktails. 

For the dress code, consider sparkly silver or dark blue dresses with matching celestial eyeshadow, and accessorise with star sign jewellery. If it’s a clear day, you could lay some picnic blankets outside and get people to lie down and try to find their own star sign constellations in the sky. If you’re lucky, you might even see the red supergiant star Betelgeuse. 

Aloha Spirit – Luau Luau! 


If you don’t have time to pop over to a gorgeous tropical island, why not host your own tropical paradise in the form of a luau-themed party? Luau is a traditional Hawaiian food that was served at feasts to celebrate victory in battle or to manifest bountiful harvests. Over time, the word ‘luau’ was used to represent big gatherings of music, food, and dancing. 

To keep it traditional, you can serve pork cooked in an underground pit, along with chicken, fish, and rice. Sweet potato, pineapple, and taro will add a tropical flair. Get creative with the drinks you serve; use colourful cups, lots of pineapple juice and coconut milk, and garnish with vibrant tropical flowers. Dancing is a must to get everyone feeling the spirit of aloha and spreading good feelings! 

Roll the Dice – Vegas Nights   

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Hosting a Las Vegas themed party is like bringing a slice of the famous Strip right into your own backyard. To set the tone, it’s crucial to establish a dress code for your guests. Don’t forget to make a playlist in advance! 

You can have different casino tables around the party; to set the right tone, consider featuring a Single Zero Wheel. Transform the room with neon lights, playing cards, and Las Vegas signs to transport everyone to Sin City. To take your Vegas party up a notch, you could even hire servers to provide tasty refreshments for your friends. It’s the ideal way to ensure your guests have an unforgettable time, Vegas-style! 

Get ready for fun

Whether your party is for a birthday, engagement or house-warming, adding a theme will make the night memorable. Be bold with your outfit choices and accessories, make sure you find the perfect venue to set the scene, and curate a perfectly matched playlist or hire a live band. Get creative and decorate the venue as much as you can, and make sure you’ve got a great selection of food and drinks ready. Dancing is a must, so prepare your best moves for that dance floor! 

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