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15 Trends from The 90’s That Should Never Come Back

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A good fashion sense is indeed an inspiration for all of us – but bad fashion can be a big disaster, and this has been since the start of the fashion revolution. Fashion trends always make a comeback. However, there are a few such trends that should never come back, never.

It’s a matter of argument to decide which era to be considered a “bad fashion era.” For some people, the answer is in the 2000s, but if we look precisely at the older fashion trends – the ’90s had some of the not-so-good fashion trends.

In addition to this, lousy fashion trends don’t mix well with today’s fashion era – which is pretty organized and influential. The most we can do to look good is not to follow those awful fashion trends that used to be the fashion statements back then. 

So, without spending much time, let’s look at some of the 90’s trends that should not stick around. 

1. Turtlenecks

Today, the turtleneck is back and taking on a new shape. Turtlenecks were considered a fashion statement. It first became popular when designer Elsa Schiaparelli had woven the collar into a sweater in 1927. But they are not the kind of clothing that feels comfortable to wear. Isn’t it? 

Some may also discover turtlenecks too tight or even too itchy and uncomfortable to wear.

2. Giant Jeans

Jeans were huge in the ’90s. They are so wide that at some point of fashion sense, they looked like a blunder. They were bigger and wider – too wider, making no sense at all. If you believe that giant jeans can be a fashion inspiration, then you’re sadly mistaken. 

Baggy jeans can be on-trend, but giant jeans should never.

3. Low Rise Pants

The trend of low-rise jeans is reappearing among fashionable collections and street-style stars. Low-rise pants were popular in the ’90s. Low enough that you need bikini wax to wear them. It didn’t look good at all, which is why it is far from the dominant style. 

4. Jelly Shoes

Shoes are such pieces of footwear that can either break or make your outfit. Jelly shoes became popular in the early 1980s. These were generally popular among children. However, jelly shoes were such shoes that looked awful. They have been pretty tough and will be uncomfortable with prolonged wear. 

5. Midriffs

A naked midriff, maybe whatever that indicates the front elements of your body. This is the belly location – above the hips!

Midriffs were a popular fashion trend in the ’90s. They always appeared. Low-rise pants were paired up with crop tops to show off the midrib. 

6. Dresses Over Jeans

This was one of the confusing trends of the ’90s – Dresses over jeans. It can also be described as one of the worst fashion trends that are all set to make a comeback again. People are styling jeans over dresses for a chic look, and we all can’t get over it – not obsessing but hoping that it doesn’t become a trend once again.

7. Color Tinted Sunglasses

The trend is reminiscent of the early ’90s, but in 2021, it took a modern approach to colored frames. These may have many benefits – reduce eye strain and improve driving visibility. But from the fashion’s point of view, it would not deserve 10 out 10.

Who would see the world through tinted sunglasses? It will never look better. 

8. UFO Pants

UFO pants were huge and baggy and rose to popularity in the early 1990s. These pants are made from 70% Cotton and 30% Poly. It was designed in a way that it had straps that allowed you to turn your pants into a backpack. Sounds hilarious!

9. T-shirts Over Long-Sleeve Shirts

Wearing a T-shirt over a long-sleeved shirt was the ultimate style of the ’90s. However, there was no sense in wearing t-shirts over long-sleeve shirts, rather wearing one of them alone. 

The look was inspired by the character “Rachel” from the tv show – Friends. 

10. Snakeskin Print

Snake patterns have been a staple of American fashion since the 1970s and were extremely popular in the ’90s. Animal prints had their own popularity – snakeskin print is one of them but, I mean, who would love to look like a snake?

11. Blossom Hats

The Blossom Hat trend turned out to be timeless headwear in the ’90s. They were made of fabric with different styles and designs. People usually wore blossom hats during the summer season.

Blossom hats were one of the 90’s favorite trends, but they were not at all stylish to look good.

12. Zigzag Headband

There were some real fashion hits in the ’90s, but headbands had more fun. The zigzag headband is a hair accessory that pulls your hair back while leaving a unique line, giving you a funky hair look.

I believe there are better options to choose from, rather than picking up a zigzag headband.

13. Overalls

Overalls, also known as dungarees, were a popular fashion scene back in the ’90s. They are great for all seasons, especially summer. 

However, they looked childish and were not stylish enough to rock the look. They looked good at some point in time, but they are not something that should go on forever.

14. Neon Colors

When it comes to some of the strange fashion trends, neon colors are usually at the top of the list. It’s too flashy to wear every day, and it’s too bright to overlook. In 2020, neon will become a fashion trend again which used to be extremely popular back in the ’90s – It should not make a comeback again this year.

15. Parachute Pants

“Parachute” refers to the nylon material of pants that resembles a parachute. These pants were in loud colors and generally made of nylon, which was the material used for making parachutes. This style was associated with the rapper MC Hammer.

They were referred to as “funky pants” – a style of nylon pants. Does it make any sense? Not at all. The colors were so loud that they could hurt the eyes.

A few of these 90’s trends may be adored by some people but carrying them is really one’s personal choice.

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