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7 Tips for Decorating a House With Flowers

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Let’s face it, we all love flowers in some capacity or another. Whether it’s that warm fuzzy feeling we get when a spontaneous flower delivery arrives or the beautiful aroma and colors of the community garden, flowers are a pick-me-upper we just can’t refuse.

With so many reasons to love them, why not make the most of your favorite flowers by using them when decorating a house?

From your living room to the bedroom, flowers are the perfect home decorations to uplift, empower, and beautify your home. Of course, it takes a keen eye to find the best flowers for your unique space. 

Follow along to experience the unique benefits of flowers with these seven tips for home flowers decor. 

1. Welcome Home

Perhaps the most effective place to start your home decorations with flowers is at the front door. 

There’s nothing better than arriving home at the end of a long day to a beautiful, aromatic, and esthetic floral arrangement. Not only does placing flowers in your foyer welcome you home with open arms, but it also adds a gorgeous personal touch to welcoming visitors. 

By choosing arrangements that reflect your unique style and personality, you can create a show-stopping conversation starter right at your front door. 

Whether it’s beautiful preserves or a fresh and delicate arrangement, we suggest making your spotlight florals bold and eye-catching. 

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2. All in a Row

Whether you place them on a dining room table, hallway table, or any other long and skinny surface, floral arrangements are a great option to bring a little life. 

With long areas like this, the best way to utilize the space is to line your flowers up in a row. Choose an odd number of vases and set to work creating a dynamic story for decorating a house. 

As a general rule, you want your tallest piece to be in the center. Do this by choosing a vase design that is slightly taller than the rest. Follow it up with similar arrangements in different sizes and textured vases. Ideally, your arrangements should become shorter towards the outer sides of your row. 

3. Mood Boosters

Believe it or not, flowers actually have a number of benefits for our mental health. Just the presence of a beautiful arrangement can brighten our mood, enhance creativity and focus, or even release anxiety after a long and frustrating day. 

To take full advantage of these mood-boosting benefits, consider where you can place your home flowers to soak up all the mental health goodness.

Try decorating your bedside tables with a beautiful design or keep a bouquet in your go-to coffee spot. This will encourage you to start the day off on the right foot with a little added beauty and grace. 

Working from home? Boost your creativity and enhance your home office space with a perfectly crafted arrangement. Different colors, textures, and types of flowers will go a long way to keeping you productive, focused, and most importantly, happy!

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4. Transform with Texture

Speaking of colors and textures, the best flowers add a dynamic to your space that non-living decorations and wall hangings just can’t match. 

To get the most out of your arrangements, consider the colors and textures that will add to your space. If your color scheme is already set, consider adding a pop with your flowers to make a bold statement. Match your favorite flowers to your accent color or spice up a neutral pallet with a bright and unique touch.

Alternatively, you can add that much-needed dynamic by emphasizing texture. 

Both your vase and the types of flowers you choose can stimulate the senses with beautiful and irresistible textures. Mix it up with fresh and preserved flowers and find the best arrangements to match your space on reliable sites such as Luvsolaflowers.com.

5. Keep It Fresh

If your flower’s shelf-life is outliving its impact, we’ve got the perfect hack. 

Instead of throwing your beautiful arrangements away prematurely, consider switching it up by practicing decor rotations. This is a simple way to bring attention and impact back to each room without starting all over again. 

This is especially helpful if your favorite types of flowers include long-lasting preserves. 

Simply rotate the flowers in different rooms and locations to refresh your decor and keep it looking fresh and interesting at all times.

6. Less is More

It can be easy to get carried away with your decorations when you find something you love. Unfortunately, this can leave your space feeling cluttered and overwhelming. This is especially true when the fragrance from all those different types of flowers blends together. 

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Instead of overwhelming you and your guests, keep your floral arrangements special and specific. 

Place your flowers in impactful locations and take advantage of the beauty and benefits they hold by letting them breathe instead of smothering them with volume. 

7. Think Outside the Box

Finally, our favorite tip for decorating a house with flowers is to think outside of the box. 

Flowers aren’t strictly for tables and shelves. With so many vase sizes and hanging ideas to choose from, you can mix it up and keep it interesting by placing flowers in creative places.

Turn your awkward empty wall space into an attention-grabbing flower feature wall or open up a room with a tall and beautiful floor flower decor. 

Inspire your friends and fill your home with personality in whatever way you see fit. At the end of the day, rules are made to be broken and creativity is built to thrive!

Decorating a House With Flowers

Now that you know these seven key tips and hacks for decorating a house with flowers, it’s time to put your knowledge to the test. From carefully placed mood boosters to creative and rule-breaking arrangements, we can’t wait to see how you’ll make your home decor pop with the best flowers and designs. 

Want more tips and tricks to elevate your space and your life? Check out our other articles for all of the inspiration you need to live your best, most beautiful life. 

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