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Some of the Best Turkish Dishes and Street Food You Can Find in Istanbul

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Istanbul, Turkey’s most populous city, is enjoyable to visit for many different reasons, but its cuisine deserves special mention as one of the best in the world. Nothing more clearly demonstrates Istanbul’s long standing role in the world’s food and spice industries than visiting one of the city’s food markets or dining establishments.

The greatest of Istanbul’s cuisine takes inspiration from all around the globe and mashes it together to create something really original; it is very diverse, historically intriguing, and extremely tasty. Thus, in case you’re considering travelling with Pegasus Airline, here are some of the must-try dishes and suggestions for the best spots that will please your food cravings.

Traditional Turkish Breakfast

We had breakfast in Istanbul, and there were a few things about it that surprised us. The standard Turkish breakfast always includes tomato, cucumber, olive, and garlic. Another is that tea takes the role of coffee. If we wanted coffee with our breakfast, we had to expressly request it. Given that Turks consume coffee all day long, it surprised me.

They also provide butter, kaymak, a thick cream, and a white cheese that resembles feta. The remaining dishes—jam, omelettes, sausages, and honey—were quite comparable to what we often have for mornings. I highly recommend tasting the Menemen, a tasty omelette in the Turkish style composed of eggs, various spices, and roasted peppers, tomatoes, and onions.

Turkish Cuisine to Taste in Istanbul

Turkish traditional cuisine combines flavours from the Middle East, the Balkans, and Central Asia. Turkish cuisine isn’t very complex, but if it’s cooked well, it can be rather delicious. You won’t have many options for dining in Istanbul if you don’t like Mediterranean cuisine. But if you’re visiting Istanbul, we recommend that you treat your palate well by trying these regional specialities. There’s a good chance you’ll fall in love.

Shish Kebab 

This particular kind of kebab can be traced back to its roots in the Middle East, along with many others like it. Cubes of beef, lamb, or chicken are skewered and cooked to create this meal, which is then presented on a skewer.



Lahmacun is yet another kind of traditional Turkish cuisine that can be tried in Istanbul. This is an extremely thin and crispy pizza that is topped with a flavorful combination of ground beef that has been combined with chilli peppers, tomato, fresh herbs, and ground spices.

Yaprak Sarma

Yaprak Sarma

The grape leaves used to make this meal are packed with rice and additional ingredients, which may include minced lamb, currants, or even other things. The rolled-up leaves, which are often consumed at room temperature, have the appearance of little cigars. The place of origin of this meal is still up for debate; some people believe it originates in Greece, while others assert that it comes from Turkey. Although it is not strictly considered a typical Romanian dish, Yaprak Sarma may also be found in Romania (although under a different name).


Shawarma (1)

This recipe consists of thinly sliced beef that is layered in the form of a cone and baked on a spit or slowly rotating vertical rotisserie. Traditionally cooked with lamb or sheep, shawarma is now produced with a variety of meats including chicken, turkey, beef, and veal. The Turkish word “çevirme,” which means “turning,” is where the term “shawarma” originates. A meal remarkably similar to this is called gyros in Greece. However, I should point out that it might be difficult to discover nice restaurants in Istanbul. As such, I advise reading reviews online before making a reservation.

Desserts in Istanbul

In Istanbul, one of the nicest things to do is to indulge in some traditional Turkish cuisine and sweets. While I’m not particularly fond of most Turkish cuisine, I do think their desserts are among the greatest in the world. Istanbul is a veritable haven for sweet tooths. Dried fruit, Halva, Baklava, Turkish Delight, and other delectable desserts come in literally hundreds of varieties. If you’re looking to satisfy your sweet craving, Istanbul could be the spot for you. 

Istanbul’s Street Food

Snack shops and street food are an integral element of Istanbul culture. Particularly in Sultanahmet’s old town, where the majority of its patrons are tourists. Purchasing food from street sellers is generally safe, particularly if you purchase prepared meals. It’s OK to order fresh fruit, but I recommend having them prepare it right in front of your eyes by cutting or peeling it.

We did not suffer any bad consequences from the watermelon and pomegranate that we purchased. They were both quite tasty. To be cautious, however, I would advise you to thoroughly clean the fruit in the room of the hotel. The freshest and tastiest fruits are available in Istanbul’s streets and outdoor marketplaces, regardless of the season. Totally delectable! 

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