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Are You In Love With Your Friend?

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Falling in love with a friend is the exceptionally most daunting and weirdest thing that can happen to somebody. It’s a naturally occurring phenomenon in which nobody pushes one to jump in the love-well; in fact, the person delves into the ocean of love, unknowingly the circumstances. 

So, if you are one of the thousands who fall in love with your friend, and expect the same warmth from your friend, then these handful of tips are all you need.

Is it love or just a fling?

Many of the time, we consider fling as love. So, before moving ahead with your friend, make sure you are clear with your intentions that you genuinely love your friend and are not going with him/her for physical satisfaction. 

Once you get assured that you really love your friend, it’s time to twist the table. 

Falling in love with a friend

What do you think about getting into a relationship with a friend? Will that be a beautiful journey or feel like walking on cactus? Honestly, whatever journey you will select, both require lots of thought processes to make things run smoothly. Because if one day your relationship splits, the friendship would never be the same again. So if your friendship means a lot to you, think awhile before making a move on a friend. 

Don’t ruin a friendship, tagging it as a ‘relationship.’ You never know when things get wrong in a relationship and let your friendship sabotage. A friendship always has a way of twisting itself towards love or emotional affairs.  

So, if you’re falling in love with your friend and want to make a move, do so with your own neck on the line.

Figure out what heart says:

Sometimes our heart won’t be able to find out the difference between – love, crush or lust and start taking all three together. This is the time where we have to ask ourselves again- Do I really love my friend? Or do I want my friend because he/she understands me better than nobody else? Or do I like the way my friend cheers me? Or just the way he/she took care of me? Or is it because of emotional upheaval in your life?

Don’t be confused with your own feelings. You have to figure out what exactly you are looking for – a strong friendship or a mushy-mushy relationship?

And the best way to get this straight is to cut off from your friend for a couple of weeks, and later you will realize the things, whether it’s a love or just a crush. 

Don’t push your friend to love you back:

So, you have finally decided to let your friend know what your true feelings about them are? First, falling in love with a friend is a risky task; second, the toughest is to deal with if they deny your proposal. 

The chances can be they just freak out or burst out laughing; whatsoever it will be, you have to accept it. As you can’t force somebody to love you back and on the same side, you have to respect your friendship. Give a few days to your friend to make up their minds. Maybe they too feel the same love for you, don’t rush, take things lightly only. So, wait. 

The fork in the path:

Don’t you know what surprising turns your friendship is going to take when you confess your feelings to your friend? If they accept it, you will be the happiest person, or if not, then definitely your friendship is in for a new fork in the road. 

Probability is your friend walking away and ending the friendship with you, and whenever you guys cross paths, you feel awkward. You may shatter and curse yourself. Why the hell do I confess my feelings; you feel embarrassed and miss the old beautiful moments. 

Open up your heart:

How about starting dropping hints, like what if we both could travel to our favorite destination together? Or so on… When you are speaking to your heart, notice their expressions- you get too many things with that. 

Don’t be in such a hurry!! 

Take a few days or even weeks to express yourself because rushing into it would only make the blow unexpected and harder to face for your friend.

So, when you feel like your friend has feelings for you and would like to hear the blissful words, speak it out because it does not happen every day when a friend falls for a friend.

So what really happens next?

Well, falling in love with a friend is an all-new different thing, and it just happens. It’s not something you have planned for, nor can you get over it. 

But, yeah, things do change when you start seeing the stars with your friend, and irrespective of whether it works or not, you just keep holding their hand. 

Falling in love with a friend has all kinds of different stages. You never know what happens next! All is to ignite the spark, start dropping hints to your friend and later confess your love feelings. We’re keeping our fingers crossed!!

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