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Sustainable and Eco-friendly Beauty Care Tips From Beauty Kitchen by Heather Marianna

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The beauty kitchen’s road to success

In 2012, I started the beauty kitchen via youtube, showing recipes for skin and beauty out of fruits and veggies. And after getting many inquiries about buying my products, I started making sugar scrubs, learned to formulate clay masks, and 9 years later now we are going to be public on the stock exchange” – Heather Marianna.

Morning Lazziness is bringing to you an amusing interview session with Ms. Heather Marianna. Heather is a highly regarded entrepreneur, Beauty and Lifestyle Expert, Founder of her own plant-based skincare lines: Beauty Kitchen and Marianna Naturals which was based entirely on her commitment to natural and healthy beauty regimens and lifestyles. 

All her products are packaged eco-friendly, and her store is structured in a plastic-free model.

Her profession aside, she is a devoted cook, especially her favorite sea food. In the next few years, we are planning to introduce more sprays, scrubs that have a longer natural shelf-life for retailer deals.

Do check out her interview session to decode her secret recipe of prawns, as well as her tips to many skincare problems faced by women.

Initiatives for young women entrepreneurs 

As a manufacturer, I help young entrepreneurs to build their brand: ideas for product, creation of product, labeling, getting them into wholesale in a 6-month program. I am actually mentoring one of the youngest skin care bosses, a twelve-year-old, to build her brand.

Some Home remedies

Since I have a dry skin, I use coconut oil with a bit of lavender oil, and it is truly fantastic for my skin”- Heather.

Oiling hair with coconut and olive oil is a magical combination for healthy hair; rinsing your hair at the end with rice water will also bring a big difference to your hair. Strawberry puree, turmeric juice is a great antidote to heal acne and eat a lot of them as well as water. Coconut oil is a great cleanser for the skin. 

Shift towards sustainability

All our products are from sustainable sources, natural preservatives and are packaged using eco-friendly materials.

I think it will boost our national economy as well when we shift towards a Sustainable model of business like we get our rose water from Lebanon, lavender oil from lavender fields”- Heather.

Tips For teens:

Beauty kitchen offers wide-ranging acne kits, acne clay masks, and many other beauty products in our shop at affordable prices dedicated to teens; feel free to use our discount code given in the interview session to get 40% off on all our products.

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