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10 Encouraging Books Every Woman Should Read in Her Lifetime

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Books are the best teachers. They take you to another world and enlighten you with rich and new experiences. Books can teach values and lessons that you may have never learned in the four walls of the classrooms. There are some authors who write very uplifting and empowering books.

If we talk about women, there are some great inspiring books that will motivate you to do better in life and will also give you some much-needed life lessons. Here is a list of the best motivational books that every woman should read.

The Last Queen, by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni

the lady queen

A wonderful novel by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni. It is a heroic tale of Rani Jindan Kaur, who was the last wife of Maharaja Ranjit Singh. It is a story of bravery, strength, independence, and power. There is nothing in this a woman cannot do. Be it protecting a throne, managing the affairs of the state, or fighting the enemies, a woman possesses the ability to handle all the things. The story explains the glorious victories of Maharaja Ranjit Singh and the ill events and politics which enfolded after his death. It puts light on the crucial role Rani Jindan Kaur played in protecting her mother’s land, Punjab, till her last breath. It is not a book but an insight into the power and strength of a woman. 

Becoming: The Sunday Times Number One Bestseller, by Michelle Obama

becoming michelle obama

A book by the former first lady of the United States, Michelle Obama. The memoir published in 2018 is a collection of personal experiences and lessons. The book puts light on her journey, how she voiced her opinions, her life in the White House, her relationships, family, and her role as a mother. It also describes various healthcare campaigns initiated by her. A very gracefully written book that will make you laugh harder at times. It is more about hard work and the journey to success. It is a perfect guide for all the women out there.

Palace of Illusions, by Chitra Banerjee

palace of illusions

Another beautiful book by Chitra Banerjee. It is about Mahabharat, where the narrator is Draupadi. It emphasizes the crucial role of women like Draupadi, Kunti, Gandhari, Uruvi, and others in politics and decision-making. It explained how women faced every challenge and stereotype to voice their opinions. It gives brief details about the family rivalry of Kauravas and Pandavas, their stubbornness for the throne, and what role did the women play in the family. It also highlights the wrongs done to women and how they fought for themselves. It is a captivating story of Mahabharat and a rare feminist interpretation of an epic story.

Girl, stop apologizing, by Rachel Hollis

Girl, stop apologizing

It is a book by Rachel Hollis, a New York Times bestselling author. The book puts light on how women step back feeling afraid of their very own goals. There is so much shame and embarrassment associated with what they do. They feel guilty about not being enough or not being the perfect one. This is how society has conditioned them. Not only that, you know the biggest fear in a woman’s life? It is about being judged, being labeled, and being ambitious. The book shows how women are expected to meet the demands of society amidst which they forget who they truly are. So this is a perfect book for women to identify themselves as an individual and encourages them to not to give up on their dreams.

You are a badass- How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life, by Jen Sincero

You are a badass

A very refreshing book by Jen Sincero. It consists of around twenty-seven chapters of inspiring and hilarious stories. Besides, it also includes certain exercises for the readers and swears words to spice up the chapters. It is a guide to how you can accept yourself and give up on self-sabotaging beliefs. It gives you a lot of advice about your behavioral patterns that must be abandoned in order to achieve what you want. If you feel stuck in your life, this is a perfect book for you.

The Forest of Enchantment, by Chitra Banerjee

The Forest of Enchantments

A bold novel by Chitra Banerjee. It is a ‘Sitayan,’ that is to say, Ramayan, where the narrator is goddess Sita. It throws light upon all the events of the historical epic, the struggles that she faced throughout her mortal life, how she had to prove her loyalty by walking on the fire more than once. It highlights how women have always been given a secondary status, and the dominating roles are always reserved for men. It highlights goddess Sita’s fight for self-respect and is definitely a must-read for all the women out there. A book is full of lessons and learnings.

Girl Boss, by Sophia Amoruso

Girl Boss

It is not just a book but a movement. A very motivating book for women especially. It is about stories that emphasize how important success is. It talks about following your heart and gut rather than relying on your performance in school or your degrees. It is a very inspiring and empowering read. It not only gives you insight into what rules you must follow to be successful in your life but also about what rules you should break. This shall definitely be a part of your bucket list.

The Secret, by Rhonda Byrne

The Secret

A fantastic book by Rhonda Byrne. This book is magical. You might have read a lot of self-help books, but this book has no match. If you read it seriously and apply what it says, then nothing can stop you from seeing miracles in your life. You can have anything you want in your life by applying the law this book explains—a book like no other. There is also a documentary based on this book. You can check out both and observe how your life changes by just changing your mindset.

Secrets of Six-Figure Women, by Barbara Stanny

Published in 2004, but the thoughts of this book are still relevant today. A book by Barbara Stanny, a journalist, explains various key strategies of female high earners. It is a guide to success, financial independence, resilience, nonattachment, self-awareness et cetera. If you are looking for ways to uplift your game at your workplace, this is certainly the best read for you.

Bad Feminist, by Roxane Gay

bad feminist

Roxane Gay does a great job of weaving stories. She creates a great blend of intimate and bewildering stories. It is more like a collection of essays that show what culture we consume, we actually become. She also highlights her evolution as a woman. A passionate writer who hits the nail on the head, as in just right at the perfect point. Her book will give you some food for thought and raise some of the very valid questions. This book is a Newyork Times bestseller and has won various other awards.


These are some of the amazing book recommendations. I hope you will try your hands on these books. Do share this article with your friends to help them find the right book for themselves. I hope you find the strength and motivation to do better in your lives.

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