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Let’s Hear from Kalpashree Gupta about Her Inspiring Entrepreneurial Journey (Founder & CEO, Knekxt Group LLC)

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“My brand over the years has been building relationships, investing in people, taking firm stands where I feel things aren’t right, and being very clear on my values. Besides career opportunities and connection, working in the corporate world, I have gained a lot of wisdom about who I am.” – Kalpashree

My story

“Naturally I have been a curious person, I started my career in research and consulting. For the past 8 years, I have been handling various roles in product management and all of those experiences have helped me to achieve financial freedom. Currently, I am a coach and consultant and started my own business in the consultancy space as I pictured an opportunity for all those small-mid size enterprises who traditionally lack large resources to build their empire. Product management is an evolving area that demands strategic thinking and a scrappy mindset as a product manager. I’ve had a midlife awakening in my journey and I hope to render those early-career learnings and experiences to assist others.” – Kalpashree

Morning Lazziness is bringing to you an interview session with Ms. Kalpashree Gupta.

During the conversation, we discussed the backstory of Knekxt Group, the inspiring entrepreneurial journey of Kalpa, and her upcoming ethical initiatives for female entrepreneurs.

Knekxt Group

“About 3 years ago, I quit my job in the corporate world and I was seeking a deeper connection with people. I started Knekxt Group with a mission to assist and empower female entrepreneurs with funds and other assistance. Knekxt Group provides consultancy to small-mid size companies.” – Kalpashree

Launch of this year

“This year, I hope to launch a mastermind strategic thinking for women and people of color who might be leading executive roles. Although they might be experienced and successful in their respective professions but might feel disconnected due to childhood traumas, I aim to offer those a space to openly talk about these tough conversations and encourage our future generations to voice their traumatic experiences without fear.” – Kalpashree

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