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Workshops and Meditations for Healing From Holistic Lifestyle Systems by Mona Awad(CEO and founder of Hōl)

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“At HōL Healing, We do full-service holistic healing, from balancing one’s gut to all of the emotional blocks that come with trying to make transformation changes; we take a look at the entire humanity with the understanding of the issues that they bring to us and personalize programs that could support them to make changes in their life.” – Mona

Morning Lazziness proudly presents to you an interview session with Ms. Mona Awad, the CEO and founder of Holistic Lifestyle Systems.

This interview covers various prominent services they render, including one of their finest meditations and workshops that deal with sleep, Teen/young adult wellness, etc. Along with that, do check out a fun-oriented rapid-fire session that Mona had taken part with us.

Meditation on “Peace, Harmony, and Learning to sleep.”

“As a holistic health company, we truly undermine the importance of sleep as one of the finest anti-depressiveness, weight loss methodology, mood and hormone governing activities in the world. It’s a meditation that’s about getting the body into a state of real relaxation and creating a meditative state that allows us to make that transition between the working day and time for us to enter into sleep in a way that it’s intentional and regular.” – Mona 

Workshop on “From jealousy to joy.”

“We were looking to create workshops that would speak to people who are self-sabotaged because of envy or jealousy. What we really wanted to do was to explore the root of jealousy and understand those emotions well enough to listen to the message they have for us.

How do you recognize envy in yourself, and how can you take a look at those feelings and thrive as opposed to sort of sweeping them under the rug and sub-consciously self-sabotage.

There’s always an aspect of self-negation when you feel jealous, which we as an organization are very conscious about and want to remove the shame and stigma.”- Mona

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