Thursday, June 1, 2023

Begin Your Vegan Voyages with VOGO Tours Let’s Hear From Harika Parmar (The Founder of VOGO Tours)


“Being a life-long vegetarian, I had struggled to find ethical tour operators that didn’t involve meals with meat or animal exploitation and I also have my fair share of terrible food experiences over misunderstandings with dishes. These experiences encouraged me to kick start VOGO tours to change this narrative. ” – Harika

My story

“Watching a documentary called ‘Earthlings’ truly changed my perspective about animals, the documentary went on to graphically portray the lives of animals behind the scenes and about the agriculture industry. I strongly recommend this documentary ‘Earthlings’  to everyone!” – Harika

Morning Lazziness is bringing to you an interview session with Ms. Harika Parmar, the founder of VOGO tours.

The conversation primarily revolved around the backstory of VOGO Tours, Harika’s envisions of ethical tourism, travel packages of VOGO Tours, and many more topics concerning nature and the tourism industry. 

VOGO Tours 

“We are a leading UK-based tour operator with the sole focus on vegan and vegetarian, small group, and private tours. This business idea to rooted in the belief in empowering vegans to travel without compromising on food or ethics. We wish to create unique adventures by involving philanthropic activities, ethical exploring, and eccentric food concepts like having a private chef on a houseboat during a tour in Kerala, down on the southern coast of India. We also embrace nature, local people, organic food and visit wild animals in their natural habitats.” – Harika

Envisions on ethical tourism

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“Though at the moment, ethical tours might be a niche concept, with increasing awareness on the adverse effects of human activities on the planet, soaring animal extinction rates, I envision that ethical tours will become the future one day.” – Harika

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