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Let’s hear from the Life Coach Smita D Jain (Certified Personal Empowerment Life Coach)

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My story:

“Prior to starting life coaching services last year, I was a strategy and management leader, and I have more than 14 years of experience in leadership roles in fortune 500 companies like KPMG and JLL. Over the last 2-3 years, there was this inner satisfaction lurking in my heart; though people would say that I was doing really good at work, I had to literally push myself to keep going as I had lost the excitement to work. I couldn’t find time to pursue my passion as I was hesitant to let go of a stable income, and with the pandemic came the great wave of resignation in the last year, and I felt that my life is too short to do things where I don’t find satisfaction. Therefore I took a conscious decision to quit my job and let go of my high-profile income to do things that I enjoy; one was writing, and second was to start a coaching service” – Smita

Morning Lazziness is bringing to you an exclusive interview session with Ms. Smita D Jain, a certified life and executive coach as well as a former employee.

During the conversation, we have managed to cover matters ranging from the key coaching programs that Smita recently launched through her official platform Lifecoach to an inspiring backstory of her corporate career life and the challenges she had to overcome to rise as a life coach. Don’t forget to check out the interview to unfold more details regarding her coaching programs!

Entering the coaching world from the corporate universe 

“One common thread across my corporate career life is the fact that I enjoyed leading teams and mentoring people to reach their best potential. Picking on that skill which I actually enjoyed practicing, I thought coaching would be a natural extinction to the same. I also have experience in coaching the executives of the corporate world to stick to their goals, and as someone who has come from that universe, I know that it becomes very difficult after a stage when you will have money, but no time and when you will have time, you are unable to utilize it to gain fulfillment.” – Smita

Personal empowerment coaching 

“As a personal empowerment coach, my mantra is in order to achieve what you want in life (personal or professional), you need to take control, so essential this coaching program aims in helping my clients to find time to convert their passions into pursuits so that they work when they want to and not when they have to.” – Smita.

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