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50 Swear Slang Words – Know The Meaning Before Using Them

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Swear slang words are recognized all over the world. We have often heard these words in TV, movies, and even books. The most interesting fact about these swear words is that people learn these even before learning other vital things.

By sharing these English swear words we are certainly not encouraging you to use these. We just want you to be aware of such words, in case someone uses them against you.

So here the list goes:

1. Fuck

It means fornication under the consent of the king.

2. Piss off

It simply means pushing someone away from your personal space.

3. Fuck you

Adding the word ‘you’ means you are directing the same to someone else.

4. Fuck off

This is used as a way to say someone to stay away.

swear slang words

5. Asshole

It is basically a part of our body, our buttocks. By using this word, one compares the other with that body part.

6. Son of a bitch

This is used for someone who tossed the other one over you.

7. Bastard

Bastard means an illegitimate child. However, this swear word is used for someone who gives an unpleasant or disappointing experience.

8. Bitch

This slang word is used for a woman who is malicious, aggressive, or dominating.

9. Bugger

This is used to express surprise or dissatisfaction. This can be used for someone whose behavior is not up to the mark.

10. Bloody hell

It is an expression of anger and annoyance.

11. Damn

It is a mild swear word used to express disgust or annoyance. According to this survey, it’s most commonly used in the lower east side of the United States.

12. Dick Head

It’s a commonly used name-call that is used to describe someone who’s being dishonest or one-sided

13. Corn Nuts!

It is used for a silly person with childish behavior.

14. Choad

Just another word for penis and can be used similarly to how the word ‘dick’ is used in America.

15. Dagnabbit!

It is used to express anger or surprise.

16. Son of a monkey!

It is used to call someone a fool.

17. Barnacles!

It is used to indicate a bad day.

swear slang words

18. Holy cow!

It is used to express surprise or excitement.

19. Poo on a stick!

It is a pissed-off exclamation.

20. Sugar!

It means money. A young female or male that accompanies an older male or female is called a sugar baby and the older person that provides money or other benefits is called a sugar daddy or cougar.

21. Judas Priest!

It is used out of anger or surprise.

22. Sufferin’ succotash!

A minced oath of “Suffering Savior”. It is used when someone rants for a long time.

23. Oh, snap!

It is an exclamation of joy, surprise, or disbelief.

24. Phooey!

It means nonsense.

25. Great Scott!

It is used to express surprise or amazement.

26. Bull spit!

The G-rated way to say bullshit. It is used for something nonsense.

27. Leapin’ lizards!

It is used to express shock or dismay.

28. Berk

It is used for an idiot.

29. Oh! Shitake mushrooms

When you accidentally speak the word “shit” in front of your parents, teachers, etc., you can cover it up by saying, ” Ake mushrooms!

30. Codger

It is used for a grumpy old man.

31. Gee willikers!

An expression of enthusiasm, exasperation, or surprise.

32. Mother of pearl!

It means good heavens.

swear slang words

33. Son of a gun!

It is an expression of disappointment, surprise, or frustration.

34. Egad!

It used to express boredom, disgust, or outrage.

35. Gadzooks!

An expression of surprise and shock.

36. Cock up

To screw up drastically.

37. Crikey!

An expression of astonishment.

38. Minger

It is used for an unattractive person or thing.

39. Scrubber

It is used for a promiscuous woman.

40. Oh, ship!

It is used when someone is about to say something bad.

41. Tuss!

It is used for a cornish idiot.

42. Fart knocker!

It is used for annoying people.

43. Holy guacamole!

An exclamation of surprise, disbelief, or shock.

44. Oh, coconuts!

It is a sexual remark.

45. Drat!

An expression of annoyance or irritation.

46. What the cuss?

It is used for an annoying person or animal.

47. Rubbish

The word refers to ‘trash’. It is incredibly offensive when you used it around your friends.

48. Shag

The term means to have ‘sex’. Using the word ‘Shag’ around people is a less direct way to describe infidelity.

49. Wanker

The expression ‘wank’ implies masturbating; it simply means adding ‘er’ means you’re calling the person a masturbater.

50. Get Stuffed

The word commonly expresses the angry and rude way to tell someone to go away or leave one alone.

Last thoughts!

Swear slang words are generally considered offensive and vulgar. They are also referred to as dirty words and using them is known as cursing or swearing. Just because many people use swear words and find it cool it doesn’t mean that their use isn’t offensive or controversial. Words should be chosen wisely else they can put you in problematic situations.

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