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5 Unconventional & Sexy Gift Ideas for your Girlfriend

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Every woman is love to get surprised with gifts. Men can present their ladylove with unique and naughty gifts that will benefit the couple. 

Although finding that unique and special sexy gift for your girlfriend can be tricky, there are a few things that your love is bound to like. It gets especially more laborious if your girlfriend has everything from fashionable apparel and makeup to perfumes and accessories. 

These are some sexy gift ideas that you can give to your girlfriend and make sex exciting. Don’t worry; we have done some research to find that erotic and kinky gift for your girlfriend that she will love and probably you will too.

Sex toys like clitoral stimulators, masturbators, massage oils and wild games up to the ante for your girlfriend. It will make your girlfriend happy and also increase bedroom fun.

Choose a sex toy which comprises good material and waterproof, not something that you see the first time you enter the adult store. Each sex toy is unique and will give fantastic results depending on what you like as a couple.

If you go to an online adult store to buy sex toys, you can see various options side by side and will make a better choice.

The following are the sex toys that can make superb sexy gifts for your girlfriend.

Clitoral Vibrator:

clitoral vibrator

Clitoral vibrators make sex stimulating for your lady. Give it to your girlfriend, and she will love you for it. Women can use it to get an orgasm without penetrative sex. There are hands-free ones also available that can be used during sex so that hands are free.

Orgasm cream:

The orgasm cream or balm increases the sensitivity in erogenous areas like the clitoris and nipples. It can be used to help the sexual experience during solo play or with a partner. It is safe for oral consumption, so if you want to slather some on your girlfriend and give her oral stimulation, it will shoot the orgasms through her body at lightning speed.

Strap on dildos:

Lovehoney Advanced Unisex Strap-On Harness Kit with 7 Inch G-Spot Dildo

These are the risque and exciting sex toy, especially if your girl loves double penetration. Strap on dildos for kinky sex is common in couples who love to take sex game on another level.

Remote-controlled vibrators: 

We-Vibe Sync

Remote-controlled sex toys can operate these vibrators in a pair of lace undies. Gift a pair to your girl and switch the sex toy on. Even when you aren’t right next to her, you can give her pleasure without touching. Be naughty and use it as a foreplay method.

Nipple Stimulators:

Nipple stimulator is a great device to have your girl moan with pleasure while you are busy with her clitoris. If you wish to enjoy the world of fetishes, you can try using multiple sex toys to get into the world of orgasm. Your girl will love it!

There are hosts of other gifts like discreet restraints, bangles that turn into handcuffs or a necklace that turns into a whip which will spice up your sex life. Your girlfriend will love that fluffy whip or a pack of playing cards that show the position you get to have sex in for that day.

So do your research and choose one of these super-naughty and sexy gift ideas to surprise your girlfriend!

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