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10 Signs Your Relationship Is Headed For Marriage

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As you journey to a life of “happily ever after,” at times, you will realize you predict each other’s needs, are best friends, or encourage responsibility from yourselves. There are always telltale signs that it was bound to happen. It comes as a “moment of awakening” for some, while the characters were apparent from the beginning for others. It only needed a few more clicks to fall in place.

There are just signs your current relationship is leading you “down the aisle.” Here is a list of those signs. Sit back and follow through with a compilation of those signs. 

1. When everything just mysteriously falls in place

So, it’s one of the earliest signs to look out for. They quote a famous passage of your favorite novel or mysteriously bring home your favorite snack. Realizing that every moment seems perfect with them, you can start building a decent level of confidence that you are headed towards the altar. Furthermore, the connections strengthen that you begin having these frequent “we moments” when you plan your daily activities together or even discuss a futuristic picture of yourselves.

2. They communicate

Communication is like a chord that potentially binds every relationship. Communication lets you and your partner express your opinions in ways that make your love stronger. As a two-way street, you should always be prepared to be at the receiving end sometimes. You need to step up and fill the communication gap. When you realize that both of you can’t always be the “talkers” or “listeners” in a relationship, the wedding bells might likely be tolling soon. Finally, your attitude towards such moments will seem to sync, as you both tend to offer solutions that strengthen the relationship. You can also learn useful communication tips for your relationship by reading books, attending seminars, etc. 

3. You don’t fake it to make it.

One of the telltale signs your relationship is bound to make it to the altar is when you realize you are always the proper version of yourself. At this point, you don’t seem to hide any unflattering facts about yourself, and you don’t have to work hard to impress them. They are into you however you present yourself. You can develop a sense of confidence that you only grow more comfortable around yourself in every phase the relationship enters. The purpose of self-consciousness in a connection often stems from the fact that each partner is unwilling to let their guards down and be vulnerable in their lover’s arms. 

4. You share similar views.

One of the reasons your relationship will likely end in marriage is when you have the same opinions about things, share the same religious viewpoints, or your future goals tow the same paths. For example, you both agree to give your imaginary kids similar names. This way, you easily avoid those uncomfortable moments when you fake agreeing with your partner over an idea. Do you find these so accurate? It means you may be headed for a life together in your current relationship. 

5. You meet each other’s family.

When partners feel confident in their relationships, they will most certainly take it a notch higher by introducing them to their families. So, if you suddenly feel the strength to introduce them to your family or vice-versa, it is almost certain that you want to spend a long time with this person. If it’s your first time, these tips may help you with the same.

6. You now play a more prominent role in their lives.

Do you give them full the detail of how their day went? Are you invited to most occasions they attend? They may be beginning to include you in their daily lives. Many of their decisions will most likely have your opinions, and you will know beyond doubt that you will marry this person. Furthermore, your partner now introduces you in public as their significant other.

7. You feel comfortable discussing your past.

If you feel comfortable digging up your histories before your partner without stirring emotions, you may be heading for marriage. At this stage, you can share a mistake you made in the past with your partner, reflect on them and learn from this mistake. Then, you just know you have made the right decision. 

8. You inspire accountability

One of the latter signs you will notice about a relationship is that partners share a sense of guilt. Furthermore, when you encourage your partner to take responsibility for their actions, they begin to evolve into an individual who you desire to spend a long time with. 

9. You enjoy trying new things out.

You can’t deny that in a right relationship, your adventurous side brims with readiness. Also, you realize that you are always keen on trying new stuff out. Perhaps, learn how to play a musical instrument, or hit the gym. You love playing video games and watching shows together. So when you start trying new things out around your partner, it may be that somewhere in the future. 

10. You discuss marriage

It may begin from your preferred wedding venue, vintage-inspired settings, or discuss your chosen wedding dress. Either way, the moment wedding-related topics that feature high of you consistently pop up in your conversation alongside “we” or “us,” there is no denying it is bound for marriage.

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