Monday, December 4, 2023

The 9 Best NYX Cosmetics That’ll Make You Look Dewy And Radiant


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Whether it’s chilly winter weather or chronic dryness, you need the ultimate products for illuminating radiant skin. Perhaps, you may need to invest in good makeup products to help you get the most sculpted rosy look that’s alluring and summery. 

NYX Professional Makeup is the fastest-growing beauty brand known for high-quality professional makeup at an affordable price. Complete your makeup look with the NYX full line of face products to aid in color correction and coverage from concealer, blush, bronzer, foundations, and contouring to palettes and powders. Their professional makeup products will jazz you up, from eyeshadow, eyeliner, and false lashes to liquid lipstick, lip gloss, primer, concealer, setting sprays, and eyebrow makeup. You’ll look the most desirable in the city. 

Here are the best NYX Cosmetic products that will let you steal the spotlight.

1. NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP Marshmellow Smoothing Primer

NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP Marshmellow Smoothing Primer

This NYX primer smoothes, softens, extends makeup wear for 16 hours, hydrates, soothes, evens tone, minimizes texture, blurs lines, adds a soft-focus finish, and keeps makeup fresh. The Marshmallow Effect creates a smooth canvas for easy makeup application.

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2. NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP Wonder Stick – Highlight & Contour

NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP Wonder Stick - Highlight & Contour

Amazon Review: “I have been looking for a creamy contour with a highlight and I found this NYX WONDER STICK. It’s so easy to apply it has a creamy texture on the contour and on the highlight it’s very easy to blend. I got mine in the shade universal.”

The Wonder Stick is the ultimate dynamic duo: One side is for a brilliant highlight, and the other is for a sleek contour. Each couple stroke gives a creamy effect, which allows beautiful blending. The sculpted makeup look is made easy this way. 

3. NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP Ultimate EyeShadow Palette


The Ultimate Eyeshadow Palette is named so because that’s exactly what it is – a pro-level palette packed with 16 high-performance eyeshadows and pressed pigments.

Available in four striking color combinations-Neutral-Cool, Neutral-Warm, Bright and Smokey/Highlight, each set features a vivid mix of velvety-rich textures. Get mesmerizing finishes that range from mattes and satins to shimmers and metallics and ace the next Instagram story with your killer look. 



Amazon Review: “NYX is my absolute favorite when it comes to brow products. I’ve tried so many brow products and they’re always either too creamy or too dry. The formula for these products is just perfect for both natural and dramatic looks. And the tips stay so precise throughout use. Some tips: be conscious of what cap you’re putting into what end and make sure to roll down the pencil before capping it again. Pics include with one eyebrow done and then with both brows done.”

Shape, define, and fill in sparse or over-tweezed brows with the NYX ultra-skinny Micro Brow Pencil. Its ultra-slim retractable tip draws extra fine lines so you can easily create the look of natural brow hair. 

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5. NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP Mineral Matte Finishing Powder

NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP Mineral Matte Finishing Powder

Get your early morning makeup done with this mineral finishing powder that sets your favorite look with a flawless finish; as your skin appears fresh and radiant throughout the day. Just a hint of color provides enough coverage to be worn over makeup or on bare, moisturized skin. Ideal for light and natural makeup looks, this setting powder is a must for a truly flawless finish. 

6. NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP Filler Instinct Plumping Lip Color(Nude Pink)

NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP Filler Instinct Plumping Lip Color(Nude Pink)

Fill your lips with juicy hydration and a gorgeous flush of color! NYX Filler Instinct plumping lip product is a semi-sheer, shiny-finish lipstick infused with ginger and hyaluronic acid, that provides a smooth and shiny just-bitten look and gives 8 full hours of hydration! Doll your lips in creamy, long-lasting perfection, and get the best pout pic as you apply this.

7. NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP The Brow Glue – Extreme Hold Eyebrow Gel 

NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP The Brow Glue - Extreme Hold Eyebrow Gel 

Amazon Review: “I love this brow glue as it goes on a little tacky rather than watery- allowing you to shape your brows before it dries. I like to brush through with a clean mascara wand and press the hair up against the skin with my finger to create a perfect, longlasting hold for the day on my clients and myself. Love this product!”

Get limitless looks with this nonsticky and transparent brow glue, 16-hour extreme hold instantly, allowing you to style brow hair with a natural finish. It is transparent, flake resistant, and dries down nonsticky, and you can enjoy the next event hassle-free, flawlessly, with a laminated demeanor.

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Get the absolute “no makeup” look with NYX Professional Makeup BB Cream Beauty Balm. It’s Perfection in a Tube. This lightweight miracle worker was developed to hydrate and prime for a complexion that looks perfectly beautiful. The result is skin that appears smoother and more radiant. The luxurious oil-free and mineral-enriched formula are versatile delivering multiple benefits all in one.

You can wear the BB Cream as a primer under your foundation, or alone for a touch of lightweight color. 

9. NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP Honey Dew Me Up Primer Face Makeup

NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP Honey Dew Me Up Primer Face Makeup

Amazon Review: “I mixed it with my matte foundation and gave me a perfect look! best nyx product.”

Inspired by honey’s golden glow, this primer neutralizes the appearance of discoloration and redness. The innovative light reflective gold flecks create a luminous look that will help keep your skin looking radiant all day. Hyaluronic acid for hydration, and honey for its natural antiseptic properties are well recognized by the team of experts for a brilliant finish.

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