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Conquering Mountains: 7 Survival Gear Items for Hikers

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Hiking amid the grandeur of nature’s wonders is a thrilling adventure. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned trekker, having the right survival gear can make all the difference. From ensuring access to safe drinking water to protecting your well-being in the wilderness, these survival tools have you covered.

The importance of being prepared

Hiking is exhilarating, but it comes with inherent risks. Carrying the best survival gear is not just advisable. It’s crucial for your safety. When you venture into the wilderness, unpredictable weather, rugged terrain, and unforeseen emergencies can test your mettle. Hence, it’s paramount to be equipped with the appropriate survival gear to help you overcome these challenges.

Survival kit essentials

Water filters

Water filters

In the wild, access to clean water is often uncertain. That’s where water filters come in handy. With a reliable filter, you can transform murky streams and stagnant ponds into a source of safe drinking water. Invest in high-quality filters to ensure a safe and continuous water supply. Look for filters that are portable and easy to use.

Whether hiking for a few hours or embarking on a multi-day expedition, having this item in your survival gear is non-negotiable. It can save you from dehydration and waterborne illnesses. It’s a game-changer, ensuring you stay hydrated and healthy throughout your hiking journey.

Waterproof matches

Waterproof matches

Waterproof matches are a must in your survival gear. They help you light a fire and signal for help if needed. Fire can provide warmth, cook food, and serve as a beacon in emergencies. Carrying a pack of this ensures that you can start a fire even in wet conditions, enhancing your chances of survival.

Emergency food

Emergency food

Stock up on emergency food to ensure you don’t go hungry when your adventure extends beyond your plans. Sometimes, unexpected circumstances can prolong your journey. Having emergency food reserves in your pack can be a lifesaver. Opt for long-lasting options like energy snack bars, freeze-dried meals, or dehydrated camping food to stay prepared for any situation.

Adequate sun protection


Slathering sunscreen before a hike protects your skin from harmful UV rays. Your survival gear should include a hat and UV-protective clothing as well. These items shield your skin, reducing the risk of sunburn and heat stroke. Remember, it’s not just about comfort. It’s about safety.

Your survival gear should also contain a first-aid kit for sunburns. You’ll need it to treat your skin immediately if you get burned.

First aid kits

First aid kits

Accidents can happen. Be prepared with a comprehensive emergency kit that caters to common hiking injuries. These kits should include bandages, antiseptic wipes, pain relievers, and essential medical supplies. Knowing how to use them is equally important, so consider taking a basic first aid course to enhance your wilderness safety skills.

Navigation tools

compass, map, and GPS device

As outdoor enthusiasts, it’s crucial to grasp the functions of survival tools like a compass, map, and GPS device. These items, part of your survival gear, are indispensable in the wilderness. A compass and a map can help you navigate the outdoor terrain. It’s a reliable, battery-free tool that is not subject to signal loss.

A GPS device, on the other hand, provides accurate location information, often with preloaded maps. It’s instrumental in complex trail systems. However, always carry a traditional compass and map as a backup.



Carrying a lightweight tent can provide crucial protection from the elements. Even if you plan a day hike, unforeseen circumstances like sudden weather changes or getting lost can necessitate an overnight stay. A compact, easy-to-set-up shelter can keep you warm and dry, ensuring your well-being during unexpected overnight stays.

Last words

Conquering mountains is a rewarding experience, but it comes with risks. Emergency preparedness and proper survival gear can make your journey safer and more enjoyable. Remember, your gear can make the difference between a memorable adventure and a survival story when you’re in the wild.

So gear up, stay safe, and embrace the wilderness. Your choice of survival tools can turn an ordinary hike into an extraordinary adventure, allowing you to explore the natural world with confidence and resilience.

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