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Which Marvel Character You Are, According To Your Zodiac Sign!

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Believe it or not, MARVEL UNIVERSE is the most fascinating fictional series that we all love to watch. Their characters are unique, witty, dark, and whatnot. Similarly, one more thing that is really fascinating to us is our zodiac signs. 

Today we are going to combine your zodiac signs with the world’s most loved and popular Marvel Cinematic Universe characters of all time!

Let’s see which personality does your zodiac resemble the most.



Bingo! Yes, you are the real Deadpool of all the signs. Goofy, energetic, 18+ censored kind of personality really goes with you!

Just like Deadpool, you always want to be the first in everything.

Your sense of humor is spot on and courageous, and you never fail to surprise others in the most unexpected way possible.

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Do we really need to explain this? You are Steve Rogers, and if you need to be convinced of this fact, we can do this all day! (if you know, you know) The leader of the pack, the most stable of all, will do anything to get the job done; come on! Only Captain America can do this without flinching. 

GEMINI (God of Mischief LOKI)

God of Mischief LOKI

Magical, mischievous, evil, and good at the same time, who always try to escape…. Geminis, you are the real-life LOKI, without a doubt. We think Loki was specially created to describe Geminis. One who’s always misunderstood, who’s actually good but never got a chance to prove it, insecure about himself. Oh, God! Do you feel manipulated while reading this? Actually, this author is also a Gemini (Hehe!)

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CANCER (The Almighty THOR)

The Almighty THOR

The God of Thunder, one who supports his family and can sacrifice anything to save his home, you guessed it right! You are Thor; you don’t need to be a God to show your care and devotion to others.

Just like Thor, you never show what’s going inside you. Your actions speak louder than words. All you need is some respect and assurance that You are Worthy! (See what I did there? Hahaha)



Every possible trait that Iron Man has resembles the ones you’ve got. Iron Man is a selfless character, yet he does want to get credited for the wonders he did for others; well, well, well, isn’t that exactly you, Leos? 

Smart, self-centered, sarcastic genius who wants to rule the world. Don’t worry, Leos, we all love your energy and you too (3000 times)!

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VIRGO (Your Friendly Neighborhood SPIDERMAN)


The youngest Avenger with a lot going on in his life, trying to handle his powers with much greater responsibilities, fixing others’ problems, thinking good about everyone, oof, Virgos, that’s just your synopsis. 

Just the way you help others, our friendly superheroes also do the same, even to villains. This shows how selfless he is, similar to you.



Indecisive as hell, our flirtatious Star-Lord is a copy-paste of the Libras out there. He is never serious, never plans anything, hates making decisions, is friends with literally anyone (even a tree), so there’s no point making this any clearer that this Marvel character is a Libra naturally. 



She is an assassin with the darkest hidden secrets, never betrayed anyone, though she lacks support from her own friends. She reads people and their next moves; she trusts less, plans more. Damn! This S.H.I.E.L.D Agent has got to be a Scorpio. Loyal as hell, bravely face any circumstance. She will happily die to save the one she loves! (I’m too good at giving references!)



Just like Doctor Strange, you behave strangely because you are so free-spirited; you can also oversee the future but still play with fire. 

You just can’t settle down; you’ll keep finding answers and might even give roots to more problems. Don’t worry; we are not discussing the Multiverse of Madness here; it’s who you truly are.



Believe it, you function as an android only, highly systematic, focused, organized all the time, and demands perfection. And all that power is in your mind. True Vision of real life! You have a solution to everything, and sometimes you don’t feel anything, oh! Basically, you are Vision!

AQUARIUS (The Talking Racoon ROCKET)

Talking Racoon ROCKET

Ever met a boring Aquarian? Never right! Even this Guardian Of the Galaxy is one of the funniest, most entertaining characters in the universe. He talks and talks using sarcastic comments but is emotionally, really weak. You’d always want to be around an Aquarian because they are the life of the party. And to be very honest, Rocket is the most underrated character in the MCU, just like most of you Aquarians in real life.



Pisces and Wanda are over-sensitive beings who’ll do anything to save their loved ones even if they have to choose the wrong path.

Others may have judged you to be weak and emotionally unstable, but this is your biggest strength. You are imaginative and see through different dimensions for the solutions. The day you gain self-belief, you will be unstoppable, just like our Scarlet Witch.


MCU is evolving, and so are you; who knows what superhuman abilities you really possess. Keep working hard and be the hero of your own story and a supportive character to someone else’s. 

We’ll keep you updated with more powerful characters resembling your zodiac signs in the coming days!

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