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10 Kinds of Baby Clothes Online Every Parent Should Have

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Did you know that parents spend an average of $50 each month on baby clothes in the first year?

Many people get help from friends and family, but it can be difficult to keep up with your baby growing so fast.

If you want to be prepared for your first year, you must learn about the different types of baby clothes you will need. 

Continue reading to discover the most important baby clothes online that you should get before your little one arrives! 

1. Onesies

Most people know the term onesie, which Gerber trademarks, is a bodysuit for babies.

Onesies are one of the biggest essentials for baby clothes because they will be worn so frequently. When looking at baby clothes online, you will likely encounter different colors and styles of onesies.

What makes onesies so special is that they have buttons on the bottom, which make it easier to change diapers. Many people don’t realize, but the flaps around the shoulder are meant to reverse the onesie so that you can slide it off without spreading any messes. You can find onesies in both short and long sleeves. 

2. Sleepers

If you are looking for cheap baby clothes for bedtime, sleepers are recommended.

Sleepers are much different from onesies, even though they consist of one piece. Sleepers typically have closed feet that will keep your baby warm and comfortable. Some versions of sleepers have short sleeves, while others have long sleeves with the option to roll the fabric over your little one’s hands. 

In the past, buttons have been used for sleepers. However, many parents recommend getting zipper sleepers because they are much easier to take on and off. You can find sleepers in cotton, fleece, and other soft materials that are sensitive to your baby’s skin. 

3. Hats

Whether you are looking for baby girl clothes or items for boys, hats are a must.

It is good to have a variety of cotton hats for your baby, even if you are delivering in the heart of summer. Babies get used to being in the womb, where they can cuddle up and be warm. A hat will help keep their body temperature regulated.

Many people recommend getting light hats for summer. These can help prevent the baby from getting too much contact with the sun on their heads. In the wintertime, be sure to stock up on fleece hats that will keep them warm. 

Baseball caps can also look cute on babies; they help protect their skin from the sun and UV exposure, even on cloudy days. 

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4. Socks

One of the most important and easiest to lose clothing items for babies that you need to stock up on is socks.

You should get a variety of sizes for socks so that your baby’s toes can be covered as they grow. Many organic baby clothes offer socks made of bamboo, cotton, and wool. Cotton socks are used daily, whereas wool options are best suited for the colder months.

If you want to keep your little one occupied, you can get socks with little rattles on them or chewy spots for them to teathe on. Make sure that you check the laundry machine and dryer when doing loads so that no socks get left behind! 

5. Shirts

Many people looking for baby boy clothes aren’t disappointed when they see all of the options for shirts.

Baby shirts are easy to come across, which makes it fun to show off some personality through patterns and colors. You must have several long and short sleeve shirts stocked up for your baby. Make sure that you get a variety of sizes so that your growing baby can be comfortable and not squeezing out of a shirt. 

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6. Pants

Much like baby shirts, you will have a lot of pants options to choose from for your baby.

Many people recommend getting legging-style pants for your newborn. This is because they are soft and comfortable. Your baby will be able to wear leggings in the cold and warmer months.

Fleece pants are perfect to have in the closet if you live in a cold area during the winter.

As your baby starts moving around and crawling, it will be beneficial to have pairs of jeans. Jeans are more durable than leggings and will help protect their knees and legs as they start discovering the world. 

7. Bibs

Some people overlook bibs when they are purchasing baby clothes, but they must not be overlooked. 

Having an abundance of bibs will come in handy when you are feeding your little one. They will help catch food and spit-up that will inevitably come up. Try your best to have a variety of bibs made from cotton. 

Another type of bib that works well is silicone options. Silicone bibs are quick and easy to clean up after mealtime. 

8. Full Outfits

While shopping online for baby clothes, be sure not to overlook full outfit sets.

Full outfit sets typically come with a pair of pants and a shirt. Some of them will also include a onesie for them to wear underneath for an additional layer. Take time to stock up on full outfits of various sizes so that you always have go-to outfits for days out. 

9. Halo Sleepers

Many people are buying halo sleepers for their newborns because they help keep your baby comfortable. 

Halo sleepers look like sacks, but they help protect your baby’s hands so that they don’t scratch their faces in their sleep. The sleepers typically have zippers and velcro to help make your baby feel like they are in the womb. You can put your baby in these sleepers for the entire first year. 

10. Mittens

As a new parent, you will already be trying your best to keep your little one safe from the environment.

However, it can be difficult to protect your baby from harming themselves when they have such sharp nails. By getting a few pairs of mittens, you can protect your little one from scratching their face and body, leaving marks. 

Cotton mittens are comfortable for them to wear at any time of year. You should also consider getting fleece mittens for the wintertime to give them additional warmth. 

You Can Buy These Baby Clothes Online

Finding baby clothes online can be overwhelming if you aren’t sure of what you need.

By utilizing this guide, you can discover all of the different purposes of each item. Baby clothes often have unique features that people overlook, so you must learn about each kind. Whether you are having a boy or a girl, there are cute baby clothes to choose from.

Take time to think about when your baby will be born so that you have clothing in smaller sizes that fit the season. 

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