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Your Baby’s Sleep Schedule in the First Year

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As you all know the sleeping schedule for a newborn is much more important than any other thing. As all the parents want their infant to have a nice, warm and cosy sleep that make them fresh when they wake up. At the first year of the baby birth, it can be a wild ride for a parent as they can wake up at any time of the day and will get fussier every time they could not sleep. For this, many of the parents want a sleep schedule for their baby so they can get rest when the baby is in sleep. 

So without further due, we would like to get back with the article and see how you can handle your baby sleep schedule in the first year of its birth. We have arranged a full-scale article for this and we will determine you with every single detail for a whole year. 

Birth – 2 months

During the first 2 months, the baby sleeps 14 to 18 hours a day and the remaining hours are for eating and pooping of the baby. At the first couple of weeks, you will experience that a baby needs to feed 10 to 12 times a day. In the early stage, a baby sleeps in tiny bits and pieces as they can wake up at any hour of the day and get eventually back to sleep whenever they feel comfortable. 

2 – 4 months

When the baby gets older and arrives in the 2 to 4 months old stage the sleeping time decreases to 13 to 14 hours as the baby becomes mature and find comfort in long sleeping hours that’s why sleeping hours become less. The baby will take only 2 to 3 daily naps of 4 to 8 hours max to cover the sleeping requirement. At this stage, the baby should sleep at 9 pm with long sleeping hours but probably can wake up due to getting hungry at night.

4 – 8 months

As the months pass by the sleeping hours of the baby decreases as in this stage the sleeping hours decreased to 12 to 14 hours. The baby should take 2 to 3 naps of 3 to 5 hours daily. As at night, the baby sleeping hours exceed to 6 to 10 hours and maybe sleeping all night without disturbing you. However, the baby can be fussier in this stage as the teething of the baby gets started. The pain of the gums can wake the baby at any time and can cause many problems for you because of the pain the baby will not sleep for many hours. 

8 – 12 months

At this stage when the baby just at the stage of being a one year old. The baby starts to make a sleeping schedule of its own. The baby starts to long stretch its sleeping hours to 7 to 10 hours and will not disturb at the middle of the night. However, you should be careful because this is the time when a baby starts crawling. You should keep an eye on your baby so he should not go on an adventure of his own at the middle of the night.


We hope that you have learnt all the sleeping schedule of a newborn baby.

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