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6 Ways to Raise a More Confident Child

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Many say that confidence comes within, but can it be taught? All loving parents want their children to be confident and successful. However, many are unaware that they influence a huge part of kids’ self-assertiveness and determination. Therefore, you may wonder how to avoid making possible mistakes and raise a more confident child.

How can you know that your child is confident? Well, there are no set criteria. Self-assured children aren’t afraid of trying new things and making new friends. They solve problems efficiently and aren’t insecure about their abilities. What can you do to help them on that journey?

1. Encourage your youngsters to try new things

One of the main rules of great parenting is to never force your desires upon them. Why don’t you encourage them to try out new things instead? They can be good at playing tennis, but if they’d like to try out for a football team now, encourage them to do so. This diversity can increase confidence and ensure your kid that he’s capable of tackling new challenges. 

2. Let your kids fail

Ways to Raise a More Confident Child

Children mean the world to us, so we try to protect them from negative emotions and failure. However, this is only doing them an ill turn. Kids learn by trying and failing. If you teach them that failure is unacceptable, they will beat themselves up every time a new obstacle comes their way. So, let your youngsters fail and learn from the mistakes for their own good. 

3. Keep your promises

Fulfilled promises are essential for raising an honest and reliable child. One unkept pledge here or there won’t hurt them, right? Wrong! Even the younger kids are capable of remembering that you made a promise you didn’t keep. This affects their ability to trust others and most importantly have faith in themselves. What did they do wrong if they didn’t deserve your honesty? 

4. Help your kids set realistic goals

Ways to Raise a More Confident Child

Daydreaming and imagining tremendous success and fame is marvellous for developing creativity. On the other hand, it’s crucial to make the difference between imagination and the real world. This can be tough for the little ones, so you might need to teach them to set realistic goals. Teach them to simplify their path to success: from one goal, create a couple of small ones. Celebrate little victories along the way. That’s how you’ll increase their confidence and decrease the sense of failure.

5. Don’t neglect your children’s appearance

A big part of the confidence comes within the appearance, as it’s widely promoted everywhere we go. Not everyone is lucky to be born with a cute perky nose or beautiful straight teeth. Luckily, we live in a world where minor aesthetical procedures and preventive measures exist. If detected on time, these problems can be fixed. Take your child to a reliable orthodontist, and prevent major dental issues from happening. Early treatment can boost your child’s confidence in most sensitive, teen years.

6. Be a good role model

Ways to Raise a More Confident Child

Youngsters frequently copy the adult’s behaviour. They learn about social interactions and the way we treat others and ourselves from you- their parents! So, to be a good role model, practise positive self-talk and self-love. To teach your little one to love him or herself, you must first know how to love yourself. Be kind to you. Reward yourself for your achievements, and don’t give up if you run into challenges. That’s the best way to teach your child that confidence comes within yourself.


Raising a more confident child takes time and dedication. Confidence doesn’t come overnight. Teach your kids that it’s okay to fail sometimes. Just dust yourself off and strive towards your goals. Remember that self-love and self-satisfaction are always the roots of a confident child.

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