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Nirjary, Founder of KIS(cubed)- Planning the Luxury Event You Deserve

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Luxury event planner Nirjary M. Desai, owner, and CEO of KIS(cubed) Events, is an Indian entrepreneur whose multicultural background has shaped her career. Due to her unique vision and style, KIS(cubed) Events is now an internationally-recognized company working with countless celebrities and corporate clients, including Audible, Ritz-Carlton, Delta Airlines, and the Hillary Clinton campaign. 

We got an opportunity to interview Nirjary and learn more about her journey, her hardships, achievements, and everything in between. 

Can you share a story with us about what brought you to this specific career path and what challenges & obstacles you overcame?

Like so many business owners, especially those in the events industry, I really had to pivot once COVID hit and had to remind myself why I started KIS(cubed). Sometimes, you have to take yourself back to the basics of why you started and what your “why” is. If you, as a business owner, can remind yourself, you can find ways to continue on your journey. When the pandemic hit and events were at a halt, I went back to the basics and evaluated how I could continue contributing to the industry to help our community and build a better industry moving forward. Since then, we, along with so many industries, have been forced to confront manufacturing and supply chain issues. In addition, this past year includes the largest number of events and weddings in years. It has been challenging but extremely rewarding as things have evolved to a moment where people ultimately want to have experiences and celebrations they will remember.

What advice do you have for people who are trying to grow their audience?

As an entrepreneur, the most important lesson I learned was that every day is different and brings new challenges. The way that you perform in adversity and how you take on those challenges is what makes you successful. Don’t let what others say about you influence you. You have to take your emotions out of business. It has to be run on facts and logic.

Is it tough for a woman to survive in this industry? How do you overcome the panic attacks that come with this industry?

Nirjary M. Desai

The event industry is one of the few female-dominated industries. However, I am still working to uplift women through community building and mentorship within my work. I believe everybody has the ability to thrive, so helping create these opportunities by fostering inclusivity is one thing I try to bring out when working with such a diverse clientele.

What are the “myths” that you would like to dispel about being a founder? 

You are not in this alone! Part of being a founder is making the most of every opportunity. Collaboration is a huge advantage in any setting, and it’s something that can easily be lost when you are driven by ambition. The path you initially take may not be where you end up, so always keep an open mind.

What is your favorite mantra or affirmation that you say to yourself to keep you going?

“Every MOMENT is UNIQUE, the EXPERIENCES should be MEMORABLE, and when you walk into a space, your STYLE should stand out and be UNFORGETTABLE.”

“My life has always been a battle between my eastern culture versus my western lifestyle. Those experiences make me want to advocate for a more socially inclusive world.”

The definition of success is something we build for ourselves and therefore, we like to ask all entrepreneurs, what does success mean to you?

Success as a business owner is more than just meeting financial goals. The journey to establishing myself in the event industry began with hard work. My branding and recognition are a result of hard work as well as self-growth. You have to really know what you want, which for me is more than just growing my business or finding clients. From overcoming obstacles as a female entrepreneur, I’ve learned that growing my business and self are interdependent – you can’t have one without the other.

How do you keep yourself productive and motivated the entire day?

Nirjary M. Desai

Every event or client I collaborate with is special. I want to create a memorable experience for everyone, which brings me back to where I started. KIS(cubed) was founded with the intention of telling stories. The best thing about my work is that I get to work with so many unique people, and I am extremely lucky to be the one to make their voices heard. The relationships that I have built with clients and vendors encourage me to grow as well. As a mentor, my experiences working with so many unique individuals have shown me how rewarding it is to make an impact on others, and I hope to continue inspiring young female entrepreneurs to discover and pursue their passions.

Where do you see yourself and your business in five years?

My work is centered around hospitality and creating a welcoming environment for everyone. As KIS(cubed) continues to grow and reach new audiences around the world, I hope to keep expanding my business as a socially-conscious organization. My creative vision serves to communicate and make every voice heard, and I am dedicated to inspiring the next generation.  

What is your no-fail go-to when you need inspiration or to get out of a creative rut?

We always believe that our network wishes you well, but don’t always listen to the noise. You have to focus on your surroundings. For me, it’s never been about competing. It’s always about collaborating by building a community and alliances. I keep my head down and worked toward my goals. This can be done by slowing down and determining what is best for myself and my clients. When I achieve their wants for an event, I achieve my professional goals as well. I remind myself that we are providing such a memorable experience for our clients to celebrate so many life milestones with their family, friends, and loved ones. 

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