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20 Tips to Boost Your Self-Confidence to Feel Empowered

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Self-confidence is something that we have to focus on with purposeful intention. Our culture portrays us as unfavorable and criticizing ourselves, so being self-confident and talking positively to yourself, exploring new skills, and digging a little practice- is all we need to be self-admirable.

Self-confidence makes us feel empowered. However, if you are someone like me who sometimes lacks self-confidence, then don’t fret. In this article, I will be talking about some tips to boost your self-confidence and feel empowered.

Surround yourself with positive mindset people

Start by surrounding yourself with healthy, nurturing people. This might mean trying something new, like trying a local yoga class and making new friends at the studio after the class. If you notice anyone in your life overwhelms you or causes you to feel negative about yourself, start to focus on shifting friend groups. If you have friends who criticize you, you are more likely to criticize your body, weight, and body shape. 

To feel empowered, you may need to use positive affirmations to remind yourself that you are strong and confident. You can say to yourself, “I love and accept myself just the way I am in this moment. I am healthy no matter what my size is or what shape my body is. I am confident in myself. I attract positive energy around me. I am doing good things every day.” Do you not watch the news and do not compare yourself or your body to people in the media? 

Models are photoshopped in airbrushed, but people are made to believe this is how they look. Watching the news can also be very negative. It perpetuates fear-based behaviors and fear-based marketing, making you think you are inadequate for being who you are. Instead, focus on being your authentic self and believing in yourself. Remember- You have unique talents and strengths that no one else in this world has, and it’s about accessing those and realizing your full potential. Katie Ziskind, from Wisdom Within Counseling

Spend some time alone

Confidence is one of the most empowering qualities a person can have, and it’s not an easy thing to come by. Self-love is the secret to success. You can’t love someone else until you learn how to truly love and value yourself first! Believe in yourself and who you are. At the end of the day, the only person you have is you.

The most important tip is to learn how to spend time being alone for confidence. Many people get shivers when they spend time alone. It is important to realize that it is okay and healthy for you to take some moments out of your day just being with yourself. When you have a good conversation or do something fun, your confidence goes up in return because you know what an awesome person you are.

Confidence comes when you take care of yourself. If you go to the gym and eat healthily, your confidence grows as you get stronger and stronger, the journey itself is rewarding because you know how much you pushed yourself and know what your abilities are because of it. Genesis Gutierrez, Owner of MySevenSouls

Celebrate small wins

Loving yourself has nothing to do with having a perfect life or being the most successful; it has to do with being proud of yourself while constantly challenging yourself to become better. If you’re struggling with loving yourself, try making small improvements to things you would like to achieve every day. The happiness of loving yourself comes from knowing that you are taking the initiative to do something that will change your life and not necessarily the results of what you’re getting. Genesis Gutierrez, Owner of MySevenSouls

Practice daily affirmations

Another thing to spread positivity within yourself is to practice daily affirmations. You may not believe the things you’re saying at the moment you’re saying them, but over time, you will. The way you talk to yourself is a huge factor in how your life will go. Treat yourself with kindness and respect as if you were talking to someone whom you didn’t know. Genesis Gutierrez, Owner of MySevenSouls

Practice Journaling

Maybe the reason why you struggle with confidence is that you’re not processing what’s going on. If you spend the time every day writing down how you’re feeling, you may understand yourself better and the things you’re struggling with, and how to get better. This goes back to how you treat yourself will be a factor or how much confidence you have. Genesis Gutierrez, Owner of MySevenSouls

Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

Understand that you’re doing the best that you can, and STOP comparing yourself to other people. Everyone’s journey is different. Focus on you and your goals and accomplishments. If you focus too much on what other people are doing, you’ll never truly love yourself because you’re not doing anything beneficial to your well-being. Genesis Gutierrez, Owner of MySevenSouls

Note down the things which you admire the most

Choose 3 people that you deeply admire and write out your top 5 favorite traits/characteristics about them. Do you respect how driven they are? The good do they do in the community? Their compassion for others? Their story of overcoming tribulations? Once you have the list complete, look at all those traits and notice how many of them you embody. More times than not, we admire people because we see the good in them that is in us. If you admire those traits so deeply in them, there’s no reason not to admire them in yourself. Rosanna Gill, Breaking Labels Podcast

Set your focus on one thing

When you start to go down a rabbit hole of thoughts about all the things you think you’re not (consistent, disciplined, focused), stop and focus on one thing and breathe. Then think of 1 time you DID show up in that way. For example, if your biggest frustration that day is that you’re not consistent, think of a way you HAVE been consistent. Have you consistently shown up for other people when they needed you? If you have children, don’t you consistently ensure they are fed? Once you think of one example contrary to the “I’m not…” thought, it will be easier to think of others. Even if, after doing the exercise, you realize in this example that it’s not that you’re not consistent; it’s that you’re more consistent for other people than you are for yourself, you have still disproven that negative thought. And once you have evidence to the contrary, it’s easier to be confident in your ability and to then think of ways you CAN be consistent for yourself. Rosanna Gill, Breaking Labels Podcast

Follow a self-care ritual

We all have the capacity for confidence and the ability to love ourselves, but it requires practice. The more you practice loving yourself through self-care rituals, the more confident you will feel. And, over time, you’ve become your BFF and know to trust yourself implicitly.

Each morning, take some time to meditate and slow down and get in the right headspace for the day ahead. You can also take a walk in nature while listening to your favorite music and exercising deep breathing techniques. Repeating positive affirmations, such as I’ve got this, I will figure it out, or – my favorite – possibilities over problems, help to reframe my attitude and perspective. 

Throughout the day, check-in with yourself to assess your feelings and needs and respond to them; give yourself what you need. All too often, we are told that it is ‘selfish’ to put ourselves first. We must take care of ourselves to feel confident and hold a sense of self-worth. Be continuously strive to be kind and compassionate to yourself, be curious about your actions and feelings, and create a sense of wonder and playfulness as you go about your life. Star Monroe

Always be smiling.

Cracking a smile is a certain way to boost your self-esteem quickly. According to Christine Clapp, a public speaking expert at George Washington University, showing off your pearly whites will immediately make you appear confident and composed. Smiling has both an internal and exterior effect. Smiling has been demonstrated in research to help you feel happier and more relaxed by reducing stress levels.

Isn’t it a very decent return for something so cliched?

Put on a good outfit.

Another one that, while it may appear cliched, is effective. If you dress properly, you’ll instantly feel better about yourself, and your confidence will rise. This is because good attire makes you feel attractive, presentable, and even successful.

While dressing nicely can mean different things to different people, it does not always involve donning luxury gear worth $500. It comprises dressing in clean, comfortable, presentable, and appropriate clothing, including casual wear.

Participate in activities that you enjoy.

Whether it’s reading a book, playing a musical instrument, riding your bike, or going fishing, do what you truly enjoy and what makes you truly happy regularly. It will boost your self-esteem, soothe your ego, and help you identify with your skills and talents. As a result, your self-esteem and confidence will soar to new heights.

You may not become famous for doing what you love, and you may not even want to be famous for doing what you love. Being famous will not bring you happiness; but, doing what you enjoy will.

You are amazing if you sit up straight and walk tall.

Yes, stand tall and have faith in yourself. Don’t drop in your chair or stoop your shoulders. Experts say that adopting the proper posture can improve your self-esteem and mood while also increasing your confidence in your own opinions.

The best way to sit is to open up your chest and keep your head level, giving you a poised and assured appearance. When you stand up, walk tall and as if you’re on a mission. People who stand tall and sit up straight are more appealing and appear more assured. Try it right now: just sitting up straight and walking tall will make you feel tough and confident.

Concentrate on others rather than yourself.

If you lack confidence, stay self-conscious, uncomfortable, or timid in social situations, move your focus on what people are talking about. Speak your thoughts and opinions; the more you start indulging with other people, the better you will start feeling about yourself.

Consider what attracts you about the party’s focal point or the person you’re speaking with. Show genuine interest in what they have to say to entice them to tell you more about themselves. You’ll come across as confident and approachable right away.

When people talk about themselves, they want to be heard and understood. If you are willing to listen to them and comprehend what they are saying, they will appreciate it.

This habit of focusing on what you admire in others rather than what you dislike about yourself will not only help you become more assertive and comfortable in virtually all social situations, but it will also make you feel great straight immediately.

Recognize (and accept) yourself as you are.

Sun Tzu, a Chinese military officer, strategist, and philosopher who wrote the internationally acclaimed classic The Art of War, remarked, “Know yourself, and you will win all battles.” Even if you’re dealing with low self-esteem, you’ll need to know yourself to succeed.

The first step toward knowing oneself is the knowledge that peoples are not all the same and that not every social situation is suited for everyone. Even if you lack confidence in large gatherings, you can be brave and confident in one-on-one and small group interactions. Everyone has unique abilities and ways of expressing themselves. Take pleasure in your accomplishments!

Introverts, for example, have a quiet assurance that is frequently misinterpreted as timidity. They are naturally shy individuals that like to spend their time alone. Individuals with this temperament have certain unique abilities, such as listening better than most people and noticing things that others overlook.

Your distinctiveness gives you strength and benefits. In every situation, you will not always feel at ease and confident. Albert Einstein reportedly said, “Everyone is a genius.” A fish, on the other hand, would believe it is stupid for the rest of its life if you judge it by its ability to climb a tree.

Exercising will help you break a sweat.

Working out is another great way to improve your self-esteem and confidence. Exercising, according to science, increases endorphins, reduces stress, tones muscles, and makes you feel happy and confident.

And, hey, you only have to go for a walk a couple of times a week to reap the benefits. It appears that whether or not you break a sweat, rather than the difficulty of your workout, determines your confidence, which is very cool. Start exercising as soon as possible.

Confront Your Fears

Stop procrastinating till you’re surer of yourself (like asking someone out on a date or applying for a promotion). The most effective way to enhance your self-esteem is to face your fears head-on.

In practice, confront some of your anxieties that stem from a lack of self-confidence.

If you’re scared, you’ll disgrace yourself or make a mistake, go ahead and attempt it anyhow. Tell yourself that this is only a test and see what happens.

You could discover that being nervous or making a few errors isn’t as horrible as you feared. And as you progress, you will gain confidence in yourself, which will ultimately help you avoid taking any chances that will have huge negative implications.

You’ll acquire confidence in yourself if you tackle your worries and undertake challenging tasks.

Make positive self-talk a habit.

Positive self-talk can help you build compassion for yourself, overcome self-doubt, and take on new challenges. Negative self-talk can limit your abilities and erode your self-confidence by convincing your subconscious that you “can’t handle it” or that something is “too difficult” to do and that you “shouldn’t even try.”

The next time you feel like you have no business speaking up in a meeting or that you’re too out of shape to work out, remind yourself that your opinions aren’t always correct.

Here are a few techniques to combat negative self-talk and reframe your thoughts in a more positive light:

Tell yourself, “You can do it,” or “All I have to do now is try,” instead of “I can’t manage this” or “This is impossible.”

Instead of telling yourself, “I can’t do anything right,” remind yourself, “I can do better next time,” or “at the very least, I learned something.”

When talking about public speaking, use milder language like “don’t like” instead of “hate” and remind yourself that “everyone has strengths and limitations.”

Face up to uncomfortable circumstances head-on.

Don’t be afraid to face challenges. Running away from people or situations out of fear, shyness, or timidity just contributes to your shyness. Rather, tackle the situation that makes you nervous. For instance, don’t be scared to approach that individual you’re hesitant to approach or go to the front of your yoga class! What’s the worst that might happen?

Prepare and be prepared for every eventuality. The more you face your fears, the more you’ll discover that you’re stronger than you thought and acquire confidence. As a result of this simple yet daring move, you become unstoppable. You become accustomed to discomfort and believe that you are capable of conquering the world. That is a sign of someone who is destined to achieve greatness.

Recognize that you are not the center of attention in the world (unless, of course, you are Kanye West).

That means you don’t have to be concerned about who you are or what you do all the time (or not doing). Because you are not the center of attention, there is no need to be consumed with yourself or perfectionism. “Just do you, and I’ll do me,” she says. Rocko, a rap artist, sings.

Forget about striving to please everyone or being perfect. Trying to be perfect and please others puts you under a lot of pressure and create unnecessary tension. People are too preoccupied with their troubles to pay attention to your every action unless you are a very famous, super celebrity like Beyonce or Kanye West.

Try any of these tips today and see a boost in your self-confidence, making you feel more empowered. I will be trying most of these tips myself. 

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