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The 8 Chakras: A Meditation Unlike Any Other

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I’ve been a huge advocate and have been practicing meditation for the past 3 years now to help with my overall mental health. I wanted to change up my meditation routine and try out some different types of meditation I had never tried before. I started to do some research online when I came across Dr. Joe Dispenza and his chakra meditations. I had heard of the chakras before, but I had no idea what they were. So I went and bought his book called Becoming Supernatural.  

The Power of Chakra Meditation

I started reading and learning about the power of thought and meditation to make drastic biological changes in your body and open your mind to the unknown (also known as the quantum field).

When I say drastic biological changes, I mean stories about how people have used their chakra meditations to overcome stage 4 cancer, eliminate diseases, get their dream job, etc. I’m not much of a skeptic, but these seemed a little too good to be true even with all the scientific studies he used to back it up. Of course, I had to try it.

I bought the meditation he created called “The Blessing of the Energy Centers.” He calls the chakras energy centers. What the meditation does is take you through each one of your chakras/energy centers and move the energy into the highest energy center.  

The 8 Chakras (Energy Centers)

The 8 Chakras: A Meditation Unlike Any Other

The first center is the Inferior Mesenteric Plexus, which is located at the sexual glands. The emotions associated with this center are sexual depravity, sexual anxiety, sexual addiction, sexual confusion/pain, and trauma from molestation. This is the lowest of energy centers, so the meditation starts by activating this center by placing all attention on it.

Next, you move to the Superior Mesenteric Plexus, which is located at the digestive and pancreatic glands. The emotions associated with this center are guilt, pain, shame, unworthiness, lack, and victimization. To move energy upwards, the meditation has you activate this center by placing all attention on it. You don’t want to be in this energy center.

The third center you move into is the Solar Plexus located in the adrenal glands. This is one of the more widely known energy centers. Its associated emotions are competition, control, impatience, ego, and self-aggrandizement.  

These first three centers will shrink the field of energy for your body, so it’s important to keep moving upwards into the 4th energy center, the Heart Plexus. The heart is a very important one because when activated, it will help keep the emotions of gratitude, appreciation, thankfulness, inspiration, freedom, kindness, selflessness, compassion, love, and joy. You can start to feel it here but gets even better as you move onto the next 3 centers, which are the thyroid plexus located in the throat, the Pineal Plexus located in the center of your head, and the Pituitary Plexus located at the top back of your head. Next is the last but most powerful energy center of all.

Dr. Joe Dispenza labels the 8th energy center as the Ka, but it goes by many different names. The 8th energy center, when fully activated, will make you feel divine love, spiritual connection, and transcendence. While I know this may sound kind of loopy, it’s not. I had a crazy experience while doing this particular meditation.

My Shocking Experience 

The first five or six times I did this, my stomach would start to feel very nasty right at about the 7th energy center. It wasn’t a feeling like I was going to puke, but it was a very distinct nasty type of feeling. The first couple of times, I thought it was just a coincidence, but it kept happening at the same point every single time. I started to research online to see if anybody had experienced this and see if anybody knew why. What I found blew my mind!

I found this on Dr. Joe Dispenza’s website:

“Once someone begins facilitating the frequency of wholeness, as the cell becomes more whole and less imbalanced, it’s going to go through a host of chemical, biological, and genetic changes.

When this occurs, and a person really elevates their body’s frequency…Because there is a change in energy and frequency, the body begins to transmute, and this causes the flu-like symptoms for many people.”

This meditation didn’t cause flu-like symptoms for me, but this explained the nasty stomach feeling. My body was releasing and eliminating toxins from my body because of the energy shift I was creating in my body from the meditation. After doing the meditation several times, this feeling eventually did go away as there were fewer and fewer toxins to dump each time.

I never understood the powers these chakras/energy centers had, but I hope this article has helped you understand the powers they indeed do have. I think it’s time to go meditate!

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Kyle Mitchell
Kyle Mitchell is a certified mental health speaker, podcaster, advocate, and social media influencer who is passionate about solving the problem of poor mental health in the world and the impact that mental health has on people, especially the youth. Kyle graduated from Indiana University Southeast in 2015 and received a Business Degree with focuses on marketing and management. Soon after graduating, he realized that his purpose in life is to help people understand what mental health is, why it is important, and what we all can do to improve our own mental health as well as help others improve theirs.

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