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Madly in Love: 9 Common Signs You Found the One

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There’s science behind love and lust that can help you realize when you’ve met the one.

According to expert research, falling in love can be split into stages. Lust, attraction, and attachment. Each one is identified by a unique combination of hormones and signals firing off in your brain.

This information will help you be able to tell the difference between lust and love. Keep reading to learn how to know if and when you’re madly in love. Here are nine common signs you found the one.

You’re True To Yourself Around Them      

When you’re around the love of your life, you can be your true self without fear. You don’t put on a show or wear a mask around the one. The right person will love you for who you are.

You Want To Improve Their Life

When you’re in love, you’ll want to improve their lives as much as you want to make yours better. You’ll support them, defend them, and help them evolve.

You Can Admit Your Mistakes

When you’re in love, you’ll want to create a healthy and happy relationship. That involves admitting to your mistakes so you can learn from them.

Arguments Are Resolved Amicably

A toxic relationship will result in explosive fights and disagreements. When you’re with the right person, you’ll want to communicate more healthily.

Both of You Notice One Another’s Social Cues

When your love interest is hurting or happy, you’ll notice. You may even be able to take one look at them and tell when they’re uncomfortable in a social setting.

You Encourage Each Other

The person you love will encourage and support you, as you will for them. When you found your biggest cheerleader and found yourself rooting for them, you may be in love.

You’re a Team

The one will be your teammate, not your competition. When the world is on your shoulders, they’ll help you carry the weight.

Everything’s Fun Together

When you’re with each other, you can’t help but smile. That’s because the right one will increase your happiness through fun times.

You Wouldn’t Trade Them for Anyone or Anything

One way to know how to tell if you found the one is that you know there’s nothing or no one that could change your mind. When you’re in love, nobody can replace them.

Signs You Found the One and Limerence

You need to define limerence to understand the difference between falling in love versus obsession. For starters, it’s a euphoric sensation with no comparison to the real thing.

Enjoy Your Love Life More

You can use what you read today as a guide to falling madly in love. Before you take your relationship to the next level, make sure you’re with the love of your life. These nine common signs you found the one will help you decipher your feelings.

There are more ways we can help you enjoy your love life. We feature the latest content in relationships, beauty, and more. Explore our blog further for additional information and advice.

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