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What are we? Defining the Relationship In Today’s Modern Age

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Are we in a relationship? Are we just talking? Or are we just having fun? Today’s dating culture has become confusing. It’s permeated by dating apps such as Tinder and Bumble that allow people to not use proper communication, but instead text (or not) each other whenever it is convenient.

On top of this, not only can dating become confusing in today’s digital world, but it can become hard to “define the relationship.”  You may like someone and enjoy spending time with them, but how do you know if you’re just friends, dating, or in a monogamous relationship?

First, it’s important not to have “the talk” too soon.  If you’ve only been on a couple dates then it may be too soon and feel rushed to have the relationship discussion.  However, after a month of dating it is reasonable to see where things are headed. 

The “defining the relationship” can be a difficult one for both parties because there is always the risk of someone ending up disappointed and hurt.  This conversation is necessary though for the relationship to move forward and develop with honesty and healthy communication.

The best way to find out where a relationship is going is by biting the bullet and having a hard conversation with your partner. 

If it turns out that the person you are seeing doesn’t want to see you anymore or does not have plans for a serious relationship, then that’s okay because you don’t have to live in uncertainty and you can find someone who is more aligned to your relationship values long term.

At the end of the day you never know if you never ask, so when you feel it is right, sit down and have an honest discussion with your partner about your relationship goals. 

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Abby Trapp
Abby is a published author, writer, and former journalist. She enjoys people who mind their own business and black coffee.

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