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Remote Entrepreneurs: 6 Tips for a Distraction-Free Home Office

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It appears that remote work is the future, and many have embraced all the benefits this type of arrangement has to offer long before the pandemic started. 

Working from home undeniably has its perks, such as being able to sleep a little longer in the morning, having a flexible schedule, and the best part-no commute. You’re right at home the moment you clock off. 

However, working remotely has been burdensome for many, especially without a proper home office that allows no distractions. To boost your productivity and avoid distractions, you need a dedicated space with some privacy.

Below, we talk about tips for a distraction-free office for remote entrepreneurs.

Acquire the Right Equipment

The basics of every office are an office desk and a chair. While you don’t need lots of furniture for your home office, you must ensure these two components (desk and chair) are comfortable and durable. 

Whether you freelance or work full-time, you’re likely to spend many hours sitting in a chair, and as you know, this has its impact on health. If it’s poorly designed and uncomfortable, your back will suffer. Not to mention working on the couch and other places not designed for work. Just because you make a living from home doesn’t mean you don’t need a proper office.

Investing in a quality office desk and an ergonomic chair should top your list of priorities. Wood is an excellent choice for an office desk as it is very durable and it adds a certain charm to your home office. It’s also organic and sustainable, so ideal for eco-friendly remote entrepreneurs who wish to surround themselves with natural materials. 

Use it for Work Only

 When you enter your work area, be it a separate room or a just corner, do actual work. Do not sit there watching movies or playing games-save that for your breaks or after work. It is important to associate your workspace solely with work. This will help you get in the work mode as soon as you sit down. 

Similarly, when you finish working, leave the office. This helps you leave work behind until tomorrow, just like you would in a real office with coworkers. This tactic enables you to separate your work life from your domestic life, even if it is all happening within a small space. 

For many, this is a crucial element in getting work done. If you have a door in your home office, shut the door when you start working and when you leave the office. If you don’t have a separate room, try to organize your work area in such a way so that you are looking away from your living room, kitchen, etc. 

Set Rules for Yourself and Family Members

Many are under the impression that working from home lacks structure, that it’s overly flexible, and hence, you don’t really have an organized workday. This is far from the truth, as all remote workers know.

If you want to get work done, you need structure, and that means rules, rules, rules. Create a work schedule and make time for a break, too. Set rules for yourself; for example, take short breaks after every 2-3 hours of working and avoid taking breaks outside of this. Or, if you prefer, take a single 30-minute or 1-hour break to grab some coffee with your friend, prepare a meal, take a walk, etc. 

Inform your family members not to distract you during certain hours unless it is something urgent that cannot wait. You will spend time with them after work.

Having a schedule and your own rules will help you organize your work better. It also reminds you of being in a real office with other coworkers where there are similar rules. 

Add Some Life to Your Office

Your home office should be functional but not sterile and dull. That is why you should consider adding a few plants. House plants remove toxins from the air you breathe. Hence, they’re highly beneficial to have in any room, not just an office. 

Another benefit of plants is that they help combat stress levels, and they also look stunning in every space. Greenery instantly elevates a space, and a few green plants in your office can give it a more refined look.

If you don’t have the time or patience to nurture these plants, you can always get some that are low-maintenance such as succulents. 

Go for Walks

It is important to get the work done but don’t neglect your health, mental and physical. Taking walks is associated with a good mood, and it also helps maintain good health. Stretching your legs a bit after hours of sitting at the office will help you refresh and get some vitamin D.

Getting enough sunlight is crucial for your mood due to enhanced serotonin production, so make it a point to take at least a short walk every day. This can also do wonders for your productivity when you’re feeling stuck with your work. A simple walk to the nearest park can bring you a fresh perspective and motivate you to complete an otherwise dull task.

Keep it Tidy

A distraction-free office is not a cluttered space. It is a clean area with only the essential and a few personal touches. This is because messy areas make it harder to concentrate on work.

Therefore, keep your home office clutter-free and don’t stuff it with items that are not essential for work.

Having a distraction-free home office is all about figuring out what works for you and then implementing that if possible. That’s the beauty of remote work-you get to design a truly functional office to match your needs.

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