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Is Your Husband Lying To You? 6 Signs To Watch Out 

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“The ones we love have the power to inflict greatest scars. For what thing is more fragile than a human heart?”

Relationships are tough as they are; if you have a lying spouse, it makes it even more challenging to keep the marriage on track.

Open communication, trust, and honesty are the three pillars of a healthy relationship. If you can’t trust your husband and always stay suspicious of what he says, it will lead to a toxic relationship. 

How To Deal With Husband Lies In The Relationship?

Lies can feel like a serious betrayal, but your actions can affect your spouse’s chances of lying again- if you ever catch your partner lying to you. Hence, before jumping to any conclusion, it’s important to look at your reaction.

First, see his lying patterns and picture these common scenarios. If he is lying to avoid a fight, that’s one thing. If he is trying to protect you from pain by lying, that’s another thing. You have to understand his reasons and what is making him lie to you. Then, only you better get to comprehend things.

Before anything, he is your husband, so don’t let the things hurt both of you. Talk to your partner and make sure to communicate openly. Let him know your thoughts, your insecurities, and everything. 

Even after opening up your heart, if you still feel suspicious, here are 6 signs of dealing with a lying husband.

1. Body language says a lot

People can lie, but their body language can’t. Look for the liar’s signs in your husband whenever you think he is lying. These are some subtle body cues like:

  • He stops to scratch his nose
  • His nose turns red
  • He looks at the floor
  • He covers his mouth
  • He rubs his ear
  • He avoids eye contact

If you’re looking for stronger proof that you didn’t get the whole truth from him, consider the following:

  • Is he vague and leaves out important details? 
  • Does he seem nervous when he’s around you? It’s probably because he’s afraid of getting caught in a lie.
  • Does he react with indifference? If he shows no expression or emotion while answering you, he may be trying to hide his feelings so you can’t understand what’s going on.
  • Is he overthinking his answer? If you ask him a simple question and he starts telling stories, he is trying to trick you into providing more information than you asked in order to convince you.

Therefore, body language is important, but you should also pay attention to its signal. This will help you catch him in the act. 

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2. Never Blame Yourself

Many wives tend to blame themselves when they discover that their partner is lying. 

You should not feel guilty about what your husband has done, especially if you discover that he is cheating on you. This says more about him than it does about you.

By not blaming yourself for what happened or your partner’s choices, you can think clearly about how you can handle the situation. Be very careful when dealing with morbid liars. They can be very manipulative.

3. Do Some Self-analysis

Have you considered if your reaction to your husband’s actions provoked him to lie to you? Maybe when he got home from hanging out with the guys, he was subjected to a thirty-minute lecture about how you hate his friends and how he should spend more time with you. So he learns to lie about where he was and who he was with.

In these cases, a partner’s behavior may be influencing a man’s tendency to lie to avoid trouble at home. Changing your behavior may even solve the problem. When both spouses ease up on each other, they may begin to notice that the behaviors they disliked aren’t so bad or at least not worth hurting the relationship by lying and deceiving. On the other hand, if a spouse always does as he pleases, acts in inappropriate and hurtful ways, and lies, it may be time to reevaluate the relationship.

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4. Work It Out As A Couple

It is normal to deal with general situations without your husband’s help. But communication is more important than ever. This is the time to stand together and fight all obstacles. 

Tell your husband that you are deeply hurt by what he has done. Overcome toxicity by solving it together. You can even ask him to go back and tell you why he started lying in the first place.

It could indicate what is wrong in your relationship that you need to fix. Unless you resolve these issues, your spouse will continue to lie, creating a toxic cycle in your relationship.

5. Analyze Its Effects On Your Marriage

Once the lies are out in the open, it’s time to assess how your husband’s lies have affected your marriage.

If it’s a white lie, it might be easy to forgive. But if your husband lies about extramarital affairs, it may be harder to patch things up with him.

You should think of some important questions that will help you decide what to do next for your marriage. Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • Do you still love him?
  • Can you trust him again?
  • Has his behavior changed since you discovered the lie?
  • Do you think he will lie again?

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6. Seek Professional Help

Seeking professional help is a good first step in dealing with a lying spouse. Counselors can help couples work through the pain of betrayal and work through their emotions without judging their clients.

Counseling also helps assess the status of a relationship and whether it is worth saving. Let it be for both purposes. There is a neutral zone in front of the counselor where you can objectively discuss problems.


There’s no fun in catching your husband lying. But it’s best to find out sooner so you can take the necessary steps to save your marriage.

Not every relationship is worth saving. Keep yourself first when it comes down to betrayal. Remember, you are self-sufficient and a lot more than just being someone’s wife. 

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