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50 Instagram Slangs That You Must Know

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If you want to level up your Instagram game, these are the common slangs that the Instagram community speaks, which you should know. 

Get your notebook ready!

‘DYK’, ‘Adorbs’, ‘TBT’. Don’t worry; our website isn’t malfunctioning. These are the slang/words being used by Gen Z on Instagram. I know what you are thinking; why does Gen Z have to make their own lexicon for everything? Why can’t they just talk in already existing languages? Well, what less can you expect from the generation who grew up on metal bands?

We assembled a list of the best Instagram slang for you because no one carries the urban dictionary with them. Get ready! Scroll through this article and learn the best slang words so the next time you scroll through your feed, you know what your friends are talking about.

1. AMA- Ask Me Anything

Honestly, people who post this on their story dig their own graves. If you see this on Instagram, it is an open invitation for you to ask anything you want to know about the person who posted it.

2. ELI5- Explain Like I’m 5

The person who used this slang doesn’t understand what you are talking about and wants you to explain the whole concept to them like they are an ignorant 5-year-old. 

3. Food porn

Crazy you! This is not yet another fetish. Foodporn is a hashtag that people use for dishes they find absolutely delicious.

4. FTFY- Fixed That For You

Now you may ask, “What do I have on Instagram that needs to be fixed?” You might have posted something with wrong grammar or possibly something with a partially wrong fact. The person who fixes these mistakes for you is politely pointing out that you had it wrong in the first place. 

5. Goals

Ever read this word in the comment section of Tom Holland and Zendaya’s picture? 

‘Goals’ means that this is an ideal, standard example of what everyone wants.



If you say someone is a goat, they might get offended. But G.O.A.T. (all caps) is a compliment. G.O.A.T. stands for Greatest Of All Times. Comment this under your friend’s pic and you’ll make their day.

7. DAE- Does Anybody Else

“DAE hate cheesy love stories? No? Just me? Okay.”

I think this example should be enough to give you an idea of how to use this hashtag.

8. FBF (Flashback Friday) and TBT (Throwback Thursday)

These are the days to post old photos or long captions on some happy memories of yours. By the way, it is a great hack to get more likes and followers.

9. TIL — Today I Learned

Just start your post with TIL or use it as a hashtag in your caption when you discover a piece of new information and want to share it with your followers. 

Who said only schools and colleges could teach you something new?

10. MIRL — Me In Real Life

Do you find a meme describing you in the best way possible? Post it with the MIRL hashtag. Or you can simply add it to your caption while posting a photo of you as you are, without any photoshop or filter, and people will know that it’s an authentic photo.

11. PM- Private Message

This is a more general term for one-on-one communication that is not open to the public, including the DM.

12. CSL- Can’t Stop Laughing

It’s just a hashtag version of LOL. Saw a silly video of a cat? Leave your CSL under it!

13. HIFW — How I Felt When

When you want to share how you feel about something with your followers, but find yourself short of words, upload a picture, a video, or a gif, and add a caption HIFW. People will get your message.

14. OOTD — Outfit of the Day

People on Instagram usually use this while sharing the pic of what they are wearing today. 

15. POTD — Picture Of The Day

Instagrammers use the POTD hashtag under the photo that they think is the most successful of the day. Well, or just under the one that reflects their mood today.

16. YOLO — You Only Live Once

Used as a motto while doing something adventurous, this slang means you can live a full life if you don’t miss any interesting moments. 

But most of the time, it serves as an excuse for risky actions. You shouldn’t do it, but you still want to. Or as an ironic comment when someone does something crazy or ridiculous.

17. WCW — Woman Crush Wednesday

This is a call to share photos of women that users admire. Attention only on Wednesdays 🙁

18. BTS – Behind the scenes. 

Brands on Instagram use this social media acronym when they are giving their followers a behind-the-scenes look at what their brand is doing.

19. FF – Follow Friday.

It’s a trend that started on Twitter and involved giving a shoutout to people that you think deserve more recognition and followers.

20. FOMO – Fear of missing out. 

This often spurs people’s desire to keep up with social media in general and is also often tapped for marketing, such as through limited deals, exclusive product reveals, and other tactics.

21. G2G or GTG – Got to go

When someone needs to exit the chat or go offline, they use this hashtag.

Got to run or GTR means the same thing.

22. FYI – For your information

When you find yourself getting caught in an argument with someone who doesn’t have their facts straight, you can start your sentence with FYI while stating the facts.

23. HTH – Here to help or happy to help

You may post this when you feel like helping someone on the internet. The help can include anything from a piece of advice to a job reference. There is no bar, really.

24. ICYMI – In case you missed it. 

It is typically used when sharing content that’s not too current.

25. IMHO – In my humble opinion

As the name suggests, you can use this slang while putting forward your opinion humbly. 

26. MTFBWY – May the Force be with you. 


It’s a “Star Wars” reference that is commonly used to give encouragement to someone.

27. OTP – One true pairing. 

Commonly used in fandoms, it refers to two people or fictional characters that you consider the perfect couple. For example, Daphne and Simon from Bridgerton.

28. SMH – Shaking my head. 

Use this slang to express shock or disappointment.

29. Cray

It’s an abbreviation for the word ‘crazy.’

30. Facepalm 

When someone does or says something that’s unbelievably stupid, use this.

31. Fam 

Short for family, it refers to a person or a group of people you consider family.

32. Fire

When something is exceptionally good, people often use the word ‘fire’ to explain it. The fire emoji is often used for the same purpose.

33. I can’t even

You can use this when you are unable to convey your emotion because you are either overjoyed or frustrated.

34. On fleek 

Used to describe something that’s on point. As in, “Your hair is on fleek in this picture.”

35. Savage  

It is used when someone or something is extremely harsh. Often used as a compliment.

Best Instagram Acronym

short for "Too long; Didn’t read"

36. TMI

Too much information

37. WBU

What about you?

38. WBW

Way back Wednesday. Follows the same theme as FBF and TBT

39. WFH

Work from home

40. YOLO

You only live once

41. TGIF

Thank God it’s Friday

42. TBH

To be honest

43. TBBH

To be brutally honest

44. ROFL

Rolling on the floor laughing

45. NSFW

Not safe for work

46. JK

Just kidding. Used for conveying a light-hearted tone.

47. LMAO 

Laughing my a** off

48. GRWM

Get Ready With Me

49. QOTD

Quote of the day. They are used for sharing funny or inspirational quotes.

50. TL;DR

Too long; didn’t read

Now you are all caught up to start talking about “Instagram”!

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