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Morning Lazziness is the First Digital Magazine to Land Into The Space of Metaverse

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We’re thrilled to unveil our NFT collection “Woman In Metaverse” as the world’s first digital magazine.

Our NFT collection “Woman In Metaverse” depicts the individual personality of every single woman out there. And we are the ambassadors of happiness and wish to see everyone happy. That’s why you can see our NFTs smiling to reflect their happiness.

“Woman In Metaverse” (WiM) is the first female-themed NFT project, which majorly focuses on woman’s happiness. Whatever your mood, is hitting the beach, partying with your friends, taking your dog out for a walk, staying happy is the key to success.

The concept of Our NFTs “Woman In Metaverse”

“Woman In Metaverse” = “Happy Woman”

If you see, all our NFTs have one thing in common, that is “the smile,” as a woman, it’s important, or we would say essential, to stay happy no matter what the situations are.

We at Morning Lazziness dedicate our NFTs to all those strong and happy woman who believes in themselves because a smile is an essential accessory you carry.

In more detail:

The first happiness project for women in the crypto industry, a randomly generated collection of female avatars of unique characteristics such as clothes, accessories, ethnicity, etc.

woman in metaverse morning lazziness

Our NFT’s Woman In Metaverse is a customized meta identity that will reveal your vibrant avatar and elevate your social profiles to new heights.

Apart from these, a lot of more possibilities are there associated with these limited edition NFTs.

So, what are you waiting for 😉 Take this unique opportunity to own these NFTs now for the avatars that best represent you.

“It’s time to embrace your feminal moods and claim your meta identity with Morning Lazziness.”

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