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How To Maintain A Healthy Relationship With Your Partner

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Love is,

The cold breeze on a sunny day.

The drops of rain that connect the earth and sky.

The romance that is shared between the dewdrops and the grass.

The butterflies that dance in the garden of your stomach.

The way honeybees kiss the flowers.

It isn’t something confined only to humans but far beyond.

It’s a bond, not a boundary.

It’s neither about obsession nor possession.

It’s encouraging, not restrictive.

It’s not yesterday, today, or tomorrow but forever.

It’s about loving yourself and not leaving yourself for someone else!

What is the foundation of a Healthy Relationship?

Love is the foundation of almost every relationship we have in our lives. It’s only love that keeps us going. But, love is not the only element that decides whether your relationship is healthy or not. Undoubtedly, love is one of the crucial factors but certainly not the sole factor. 

In fact, it binds the individuals together. However, various other things are required for a healthy relationship. Because if you think that your relationships can survive only on the basis of love, then you are wrong, my friend. 

Love is as beautiful as a rose and as sharp as thorns. Someone has rightly said that boundaries are blurred when you are in love. Love makes us ignore every red flag and the toxic personality traits of the person we love. And such things only ruin beautiful relationships. 

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Here are some important elements apart from love that is essential to have a healthy relationship.

Important elements to have a healthy relationship.

Have you ever questioned, how does your relationship feel like? Why do you feel that way? How comfortable are you with each other? Do you understand each other on different levels? Are you able to communicate comfortably about your likes and dislikes? These questions are food for thought. 

  1. Trust– What if you forget to add salt to your food? It will be tasteless, right. Likewise, a relationship without trust feels like food without salt. There is hardly any understanding in such a relationship, and most individuals feel insecure about each other. Trust is a very important factor in almost every relationship. Trust issues can drain all the love that two individuals share. So make sure that you trust the person you love; otherwise, it will not take much time for things to get bitter.
  1. Freedom– Birds look so beautiful when they fly. When you cage those birds, you not only take away their freedom but also something that you fell for; their flight. For how long can you adore a caged bird. That bird will never be able to love you, and even for you, sooner or later, it will become a burden. When you like an individual, there are various reasons behind that. It can be his or her personality traits, behavioral patterns, moral values, et cetera. When you start controlling a person and forcing them to change, you lose that individual you once fell for or liked. A beautiful relationship is where there are no restrictions, no hesitation, no fear, and no boundaries. No flower blooms in a closed jar but only in the open air and sunlight.
  1. Excitement– Do messages from your lover/partner bring a smile to your face? If yes, then that’s a perfect match. Being excited about each other is very important in a relationship. It can be defined as an urge to meet each other or an eagerness to be together. Those butterflies you feel when you are together or the heaviness in your heart when you are away from each other or after a fight. 

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  1. Communication– Without hesitation or fear of being judged, communication is the essence of a healthy relationship. It’s only through communication that you can resolve your differences or discuss what you are unhappy about or something that is bothering you. It becomes even more important when you get involved in an intimate relationship with someone. A relationship is about growth and experiences, and that is only possible if there is good communication among both individuals.
  1. Companionship– Do you feel awkward with your partner? If that’s the case, then you are certainly in the wrong relationship. Companionship is that state of being friends, being comfortable with each other, or enjoying each other’s company. But, it goes deeper than even a friendship. It is a closeness or familiarity, or you can say a person who feels like home. It can be a true fellowship among two people who, for whatever reasons, have genuinely connected and love being with each other.

Tips to maintian a healthy relationship

  • Do not expect unrealistic things from each other. It is all about accepting them as they are and not expecting them to change for you. “Go and get the moon for me” is nothing more than a filmy dialogue. Be practical about your relationship.
  • Take out time for each other. Spending time with each other is essential to know each other. We all live in a world where we have to match the pace of a clock. However, for a beautiful relationship to flourish, you need to take out some time out of your busy schedules and spend it with your partners. Not every day has to be a fancy date; it can be as simple as going for a walk together, holding hands, a video call, or anything that makes you feel special and give you a feeling of togetherness.
  • Trust each other. If there is something you have in your mind concerning your partner, discuss it with your partner first rather than believing what others have to say about it. If you’re insecure on anything, just let them know; that is the only way to strengthen your relationship.
  • Do not forget to love yourself. Just because you are in love with someone does not mean you have to give up on yourself. That will only ruin your relationship not only with yourself but also with your partner. Always consider what you like and dislike. Do not give in just because your partner wants you to.
  • Respect each other. An abusive relationship is not a relationship but bondage. Treat each other as equals and never let gender discrimination fall in the way of your relationship. Nothing could be more toxic than that.


One of the most complicated yet wonderful things in the world has to be love. We all want to find the right person to spend our lives with, and when we do, it’s meant to be perfectly imperfect. Let love be your biggest strength, and do not let stupid things ruin your relationship. Just enjoy being with each other to the fullest. 

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