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Meditation Can Help You be more Successful By Sandra Coffey

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Meditate your way to being successful 

From a one-time skeptic to the twice-a-day practitioner

My journey with meditation began after my daughter was born. I struggled with getting back to sleep during the nighttime wakings, and I searched for ways to help ease me back to sleep quickly. 

I turned to meditation and, despite feeling hesitant at first and finding it difficult to settle in to, close to two years on, not only have I incorporated it into my bedtime but also my daytime.

I delved further into bringing meditation into my everyday life by downloading the free meditation app Let’s Meditate.

Meditation for confidence and healing anxiety:

Refreshing meditations is like updating your musical playlist. There are new ones all the time that you will want to try. “Once I am liking at the moment are Body Scan,” which helps to focus on any aches and pains from working at a desk all day. Letting Go helps to train the ego to get rid of the frozen patterns that are stopping me from achieving my goals. There is a Sound Meditation that deals with anxiety and depression. Confidence is another great one when you don’t fully believe in yourself or have a challenging situation coming up and are unsure how to deal with it. 

There are lots of resources out there, and I recommend you spend some time finding one that works for you. A good place to start is YouTube.

How to bring it into your working day?

During work time, I find the shorter and to-the-point meditations work best. Because if I am going to take time out from work and time is limited, then I won’t settle into a longer meditation as I will feel like it is taking too much of my time. 

So, choosing shorter ones work best for me right now as I know that my mind and body deserve 5-8 minutes of a timeout to relax, regroup, and most importantly, time to refocus.

If you pick meditations that specifically focus on the things that stress you out, you will gain insights into how to refocus and regain your momentum. You will also discover the true power of what meditation can do for you and how it can boost your mood, creativity, and productivity. 

When do I feel the need to meditate?

  • When I start to feel like my schedule for the day is getting off course
  • When I am feeling like stress is getting the better of me
  • When a tech issue gets the better of me, and I need to figure out how to fix it
  • When a last-minute change comes in, and I need to change a proposal that I was about to submit

I don’t meditate four to five times during the day! I pick my moments wisely. I listen to my body, and I let it guide me. And I do it at my desk. There is no need to grab a mat and find a comfortable spot (if you can, this is a bonus). Relax into your chair and let the meditation guide you. I recommend using headphones to block out noise. Usually, for me, I meditate once a day and once at night-time. My bedtime meditation is non-negotiable. 

You will know how to identify the best time for you when you start to integrate meditation into your day. You may find that doing it before you tackle a major project works wonders.

Some final words of encouragement:

For me, meditation works best when it brings me back to focus on what is important. What are the things that are high priority when starting a business, and then I let the others fade into the background? Because, when menaces like anxiety and stress exist in your day, they can really impact your mood and your productivity. Meditation kicks out the anxiety and stress and restores peace. It helps give clarity to your thoughts and enhances your creativity to enable you to get your engine going again.

I said earlier that my bedtime meditation is non-negotiable. Why? Because it makes me feel happy as I nod off to sleep. Happiness makes me sleep better and feel better about what I have achieved that day or what I am about to do tomorrow. If you have ever started a business, you will know how good it feels to see your dreams grow. 

Sometimes, meditating without having a reason to, can be a beautiful experience. You go into the experience without any expectations and afterward feel refreshed and with a clear mind.  

Hey, it is okay to feel skeptical. I did, at the start too. And if it is not for you, pass this article by and keep on going until you find something that does. 

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Sandra Coffey
Sandra Coffey is a media publicity coach and teacher whose main mission is to provide insights from her 17-year career in journalism to help beginners in PR get featured in the press. Sandra provides insights and writing advice to those who are struggling with their pitch and story. She shows clients how to turn content into media-friendly stories by using a few simple techniques. She also writes pitches and press releases as well as other publicity material. Sandra has two Masters’ degrees (one of which is in journalism). She has worked in newspapers, magazines, radio, and television for over 17+ years.

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