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Advanced Money Strategies That Are Easier to Carry Out Than You Think

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We all want to make our money work as hard as possible, but sometimes a lack of knowledge can hold us back. Yet, when we look at three of the most advanced money strategies, we can see how they’ve become much simpler to carry out in the last few years.

Trading Currencies

The foreign exchange market is the world’s biggest financial market, with trading carried out throughout the day on different currency pairs. You look to predict whether a certain currency is likely to gain or lose value against another, with the currencies arranged into pairs such as USD/GBP. This is a volatile market that’s difficult to predict, so it isn’t right for everyone, but there’s a wealth of information online to help you understand how the rates might move.

 The actual trading can be carried out on software like the powerful MT5 platform. This easy-to-use platform lets you trade on many assets, from forex to shares, commodities, and more, with 38 trading indicators and signals to guide you. Currency markets trade on a 24/7 basis since the different global exchanges open and close according to local trading hours, so it’s something that can be done at any time of day or night.

Stock Market Investing


Investing in the stock market is another advanced money strategy that not everyone feels comfortable starting, but that has become easier in recent years. While physically speaking with a broker used to be necessary, the buying and selling of stock can now be carried out online using a simple platform where you place orders and any condition that you want to apply to them, such as if you only want to buy or sell when it reaches a certain price.

With a massive number of websites and instructional videos online to tell you how to buy and what you might like to buy, it’s mainly a question of narrowing down your options and making the decisions that fit with your profile and risk tolerance. This means understanding terms like penny stock and blue chip stock before getting started, but the actual process is easy enough.

Buying and Selling Cryptocurrencies


One of the biggest boom industries in the last decade, cryptocurrencies started out as something apparently complicated that many people were afraid of. Now, the presence of simple wallets, online exchanges, and tutorial videos ensure that anyone can buy the likes of Bitcoin, Litecoin, or other tokens.

This is something that can be done as an investment approach when you think that a coin’s value is probably going to increase, although it’s vital to stay up-to-date with the latest changes in the industry. Or it can be a different way to handle your money, letting you send money directly to anyone anywhere on the planet or even use crypto ATMs to withdraw cash whenever you need it.

The advances in technology that have made all of these things easier will continue to make managing our money with advanced strategies easier to carry out, opening up new opportunities for us all the time.

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