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Why Staying Single Is Far Better Than Being In An Almost Relationship

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A loyal relationship is no less than a feat these days. Do you know why? Because modern love demands attention, communication, understanding, and of course, patience. And when both the individuals in the relationship have a lot of baggage to shed, it is difficult to give a name to a relationship. 

In such cases, couples mutually end things between them, because as it has been said, it’s better to stay single rather than staying with a skeptical person in a casual relationship. 

Many times, people term such relationships as “complicated relationships.” But this compulsion is not worth it for multiple reasons. To know these reasons better, read the pointers explained in detail below. You will know how flawed this concept of an almost relationship actually is.

You go through anxiety and depression unnecessarily. 

When the goals of a relationship are unclear, having no clarity on its future, couples face anxiety a lot. You might go through the same. 

This bond keeps you on your toes and eggshells. You’re not sure if things are really going to work out between you two or not. This ambiguity is the core reason for increasing depression and unstable mental health amongst individuals. 

You are the lonely one in the relationship. 

Your partner is almost always out of reach. You both are together in happiness but never share a single moment of sadness.

Slowly with time, your heart and gut tell you that it’s casual. And whenever you need someone to count on, your partner isn’t the one. So, isn’t it better to find someone who cares and worries for you instead of this casual partner?

Think about it, and you will get the answer. It will be hard to digest. 

But nothing is truer than the voice from inside that warns you about the red flags from the first conversation and date. – Nilakshi Garg

There are higher chances of cheating in an almost relationship.

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Honestly, cheaters take the most advantage of this relationship where they don’t have to commit to anything. It’s when most introverts and empaths suffer. 

They are slow in communicating and confronting their wants and needs. That’s how the sleazy partners get the perfect chance to cheat without being caught or explained. 

Chances are, if you’re the one waiting for an answer in this relationship, you will get cheated on more than once. Yet, you won’t get a clear answer. This is rude but quite evident – backed up by my personal observations, experiences, and studies. 

So How Come Being Single Is More Fun?

Let’s Get Into Something More Positive!

You get enough time to analyze your soft and hard limits.

Being single is the ultimate experiment to understand your soft and hard limits. These limits define all your tolerance levels. You should know them before entering into any relationship with the other person (s). 

For example, you can negotiate your soft limits with the potential partner. However, hard limits are non-negotiable as they define your character.

These are your principles, values, and beliefs. You won’t stoop lower by trading off your hard limits to be with someone you like. And the partner has to understand that if they want to continue any labeled relationship with you. 

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You don’t have to sacrifice your peace for someone who’s not that into you.

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Mental peace and stability are very personal. Without them battling the everyday challenges and living on isn’t simple. It’s rather a battlefield. And you don’t want to add fuel to the fire by tying yourself with someone who’s not even into you.

Because if they were, it wouldn’t be almost a relationship. Instead, it would be a whole – a complete relationship. You’d be a couple, not an individual hoping for a better response.

So, when you’re single, at least you don’t go through this mental disaster. You don’t oscillate like a pendulum waiting for the other person to give you the recess you need. 

Singlehood gives you the privilege to choose your mental peace over others. -Nilakshi Garg

You’re sure of what you want for the moment. 

Singlehood gives you the freedom to know and be sure of what you want. Your wishes and wants are not linked to the person who doesn’t even consider you a priority.

Instead, you give preference to personal development, which opens doors to opportunities you would otherwise miss being with a selfish person. 

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You learn to love yourself more.

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Self-love is not just a hashtag trending on Instagram. Those who’re single and bored understand this more, i.e., loving yourself is really the need of the hour. 

Being single teaches you how you want to be loved by yourself and then the world

You can train yourself how to cook, clean, pamper & style yourself. 

Then, there is enough time for you to learn new skills and talents that take you places without the validation of a casual partner. 

You don’t wake up the whole night for someone and deprive yourself of sleep.

That’s one of the perks of singlehood that tops it all. Waiting for someone all night for a single text or a call is pathetic when they are partying or dating someone else. 

It makes you feel worthless. 

And you don’t get enough sleep as it is. This takes a heavy toll on you. You continue to overthink, worry more, get anxious, and start to doubt your ability to swoon the person you like. 

However, when you’re single, you afford to sleep all you want! I say, sleep in the whole day if work/study can be ignored.


In this blog post, I let you know how being single is better than any half-hearted relationship. It doesn’t even disrupt your mental health ever. 

Rather, you grow independent and understand early on that the one who fears commitment cannot give you the happiness of being in love. 

Instead, next time you choose people to be your lover (s) wisely because you’ve known yourself better being happily single. 

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