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5 Zodiac Signs With Imposter Syndrome

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Perceived fraudulence, also known as imposter syndrome, refers to feelings of self-doubt and personal incompetence that persist regardless of your education, experience, and accomplishments.

You may experience imposter feelings when your perception clashes with other people’s perceptions. Even though others tell you that you are talented, you attribute your success to luck and timing. You don’t believe you earned it through your efforts, and you fear that others will eventually realize the same thing.

Any recognition you receive, it’s sympathy and pity for you. And even if you believe you accomplished what you did by chance, you take full responsibility for any mistakes you make.

Imposter syndrome here refers to coping. In astrology, it correlates with specific zodiac signs.

Well, researchers claim that there exist 5 types of imposters:

  • The perfectionist
  • The natural genius
  • The soloist
  • The expert 
  • The superhero

Now, let’s find out which imposter type resembles these 5 zodiac signs:

GEMINI (The Soloist)


As a Gemini, you don’t like people at all. You just hate being surrounded and guided by others all the time. 

As a response to the world, your employment, and the stench of human beings, you unleash your imposter whenever possible.

CANCER (The Natural Genius)


You are always blatantly false and ingenious, which is why we sit back and wait for the mask to be removed when you don your smiley persona of malice.

To cope with the weight of the lies you tell, you hide behind the mask of sweetness.

LEO (The Expert)


Because Leo has no concept of who he or she is, picking an alter ego would be virtually impossible. You’re all imposters, really; there isn’t anything “true” about Leo.

In your fantasy world, you are the superstar who dispenses perfect wisdom to mere mortals.

VIRGO (The Perfectionist)


It’s important for you that everyone notices and admires your incredible mountain of wealth and influence. All of which you don’t possess, but the thought would be horrifying.

If you’re not wealthy, no one will know that because you’re covering up for that imposter with perfection.

CAPRICORN (The Superhero)


You embrace your identity wholeheartedly, and there is something different about you. With your imposter, you are complete. Your imposter is the one who does all the work during the day, and when pressure builds, you take it and turn it into creative energy; you make it shine.

4 Tips to deal with Imposter Syndrome

It may not be of much help in changing your self-image if you feel like a fraud, but these strategies can help extinguish imposter feelings.

  • Embrace your emotions

By sharing your distress with a trusted friend or mentor, you can gain some outside perspective on the situation.

  • Maintain relations

Do not rely on yourself to handle everything; instead, form a network of mutual support with classmates, academic peers, and colleagues.

  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions

If you feel as if you are an imposter, ask yourself if any facts support these beliefs. Then, look for pieces of evidence to dispel these ideas.

  • Compare yourself to no one

Everybody has unique skills and talents. If you are where you are today, someone recognized them. So, stop comparing yourself to others.

At last!

In imposter syndrome, you put yourself in a position in which you cannot be present or fully engaged in the present moment due to anxiety. 

Some people are more prone to imposter syndrome than others.

You can achieve healthy self-growth by treating yourself with kindness and compassion rather than judgment and self-doubt.

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