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New Day At Your Job? Do These 5 Things to Excel At your New Workplace

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A new job is like pressing the restart button. You get to introduce yourself to the new work culture, engage with your new roles and responsibilities, and be excited about meeting new people! Moreover, there are compelling work opportunities that you will unlock. 

Indeed, new jobs come with a plethora of new challenges. Having to gel with new people, knowing what your priorities at work are, what the standard expectations are, and how everything around works (including the coffee machine).

Sometimes, it can be a struggle, and you may find yourself frustrated with the unfamiliarity, making constant attempts to adjust all the time and whatnot. You are expected to learn new practices quickly and get down to adding to the office’s productivity. Add to that the challenge of meeting your new manager’s expectations and team deadlines.

Uggh! It goes without saying that all of these can really take a toll on you. 

So how do you rise to the occasion and excel? That’s exactly what this write-up is about! 

It lists 5 necessary things you should do to excel and own the day at your new job! So let’s get started. 

5 Must-Do Things at Your New Job! 

1. Ask questions: 

It takes time to understand what’s happening in the organization and where you fit in. It is always a good practice to ask questions, so you know everything you have in your kitty. No one is going to expect you to shine right away. By asking questions and seeking help when needed, no one will think any less of you. Additionally, it will help in increasing communication with others, making your time at work less lonely.

2. Make friends: 

It is estimated that, on average, a person spends nearly 90,000 hours in their workspace. That’s a lot of time, and you need friends to lean on! Speak with people during the break, introduce yourself, attend meetings and events. The goal is to find a work family that supports you and helps you get done with tasks efficiently while being limited to the office space.

3. Network: 

The more people you meet, the more opportunities you unlock! When you don’t just make friends but also start hanging out with them, chances are they will introduce you into their circles. This presents you with an opportunity to network with a wider and vivid crowd.

4. Be familiar with the workspace policies: 

Policies govern the working of an organization; the more familiar you are with them, the more you can make the most of your office hours. This information is usually shared during the orientation and training but could have been missed. It’s always a good idea to brush up.

5. Believe in yourself: 

Adapting to a new workspace with people you have never met can get difficult and lonely. Know that it’s just the beginning of a new adventure, and so much is about to change once you take a step ahead! Believe in your capabilities and potential to shine!

Bottom line

Understand that adapting to a new ecosystem takes time, and it is always best to go with the flow. Introduce yourself and try to make friends. Do remember that you are not looking for a best friend here but rather a circle that supports you and is always there when you need help.

It can get lonely, especially if you have moved cities for a new job, but by knowing your colleagues, hanging out with them, and possibly bonding with them, you can establish familiarity with the city in no time!

All the best!

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Manjari Shreya
Manjari is a Potterhead (psst... Gryffindor!), and she is obsessed with collecting coffee mugs. She thoroughly enjoys talking to people and making an attempt at adding value to their lives. Also, believes in destiny and is a 100% beach person!

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