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Read This Guide Before Looking For The Best Orthopedic Hospital

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Since the knee joint is the most frequently injured joint of the lower extremity and is susceptible to degenerative changes, the knee replacement surgery is the most common procedure performed in the best orthopedic hospitals.

The incidence of post-traumatic, autoimmune, degenerative, and dystrophic changes in the knees increases rapidly, so new therapeutic techniques need to be developed and implemented into the clinical practice.

Who needs orthopedic surgery?

The decision about surgery is made by the physician and the patient together. Given the cost of knee replacement surgery and the possible surgical risks, orthopedic surgeons may first suggest conservative treatment consisting of anti-inflammatory medications and physical therapy.

The main symptoms considered when deciding in favor of replacement surgery are:

  • Severe pain in the knee that limits daily activities (the patient experiences pain when climbing stairs, doing sports and when sitting or standing up)
  • Moderate to severe pain at rest during the day or night
  • Chronic knee inflammation and swelling that does not decrease after resting or taking medication
  • Deformity of the knee
  • Inability to fully bend or straighten the joint
  • Poor response to therapy with anti-inflammatory drugs and other conservative treatments
  • Severe complications from pain medications

Bilateral total knee replacement surgery in the best hospitals

Bilateral total knee replacement surgery can restore a patient’s motor function and is often the only way to give a person the ability to move. Endoprosthetics abroad is a common operation: over 1.5 million joint replacement surgeries are performed worldwide each year among other interventions in the field of orthopedics.

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Based on the results of the preliminary examination, indications to the knee replacement surgery are determined. Before performing the replacement surgery, it is important to choose the correct model of the prosthesis. Each type of prosthesis has its advantages and disadvantages. Your physician will help you decide which type of prosthesis to choose. However, even the most expensive model will loosen if installed incorrectly.

Depending on the age and anatomical peculiarities of the patient, the type of endoprosthesis is determined. After selecting the prosthesis, the physician chooses the surgical technique. Replacement surgery abroad is performed using one of three methods: partial joint replacement, total joint replacement, and surface replacement surgery.

Best orthopedic hospitals

If you don’t want to waste time, carefully analyzing the information of each hospital, then we offer to take advantage of ready-made recommendations. The following orthopedic hospitals are recognized as the best in terms of quality of care:

  • University Hospital Frankfurt-am-Main
  • Heidelberg University Hospital
  • Charite University Hospital Berlin
  • University Hospital Rechts der Isar Munich
  • University Hospital Ulm

For more information about the best orthopedic hospitals visit the Booking Health website.

Treatment during a lockdown with Booking Health

Today joint replacement surgeries are performed in many countries around the world. However, the approach to surgery, the materials used, the prices for orthopedic surgery, and the costs of the entire treatment in medical centers can vary significantly from country to country.

How do you decide where to undergo surgery, choose the best hospital and the most experienced physician? Is there a way to save money?

Based on years of experience with medical centers that present different health care systems, various fields of medicine, and patients’ feedback, Booking Health will provide the selection of the best orthopedic hospitals for your clinical case.

Booking Health also deals with treatment organization during the lockdown, since many new issues should be taken into account during treatment planning. It’s better to entrust the treatment organization to a qualified team right now in order not to spend your money on things you are unsure about.

If you need bilateral total knee replacement surgery or want to undergo another treatment in the best orthopedic hospitals, fill in the request form on the Booking Health website and a patient case manager will contact you shortly.

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