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Relationships Are Like A Beautiful Garden

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Relationships are like a beautiful garden. The more you sow, the more wondrous it grows.

Tell us, honestly, when was the last time you planted the seeds of love in your married life? Going to work together, cooking meals mutually, supporting each other, we all know, are the few important aspects of the relationship. 

However, the foundation of a prosperous married life is a whole new world. 

Just like how the plants need fresh air, sunlight, and water to grow, the relationship requires investment and understanding to remain lush. 

Have you watered your marriage-life today? Relationships are like gardens

When you decide to build a beautiful garden in your backyard, you may need to look over various essential steps. As the water tap should be near, space should be sufficient to grow vegetables and plants together, proper arrangement of the shed (for a rainy season), away from the dog-house, and, if needed, can set up an amazing patio (in the future). 

The same goes for the marriage – when you plan to grow your family, whether in terms of kinds, business expansion, moving to a new house, or anything, the two of you necessitate talking over certain vital things. 

Imagine this scenario: What happens to your garden when you stop watering them? The plants and vegetables you planted will die.

In the same way, if you stop talking and showing affection to your partner, the relationship slowly ends. Both of your thoughts need to match to attain sustainability in the relationship. Hence watering, pruning, and tending works as nourishment to sustain a happy married life.

Five sweet ways to grow your relationship garden

If you can conclude from the above, relationships are like gardens only. You need to hear each other, understand each other, talk to each other, listen to each other’s dreams, and be the strength of each other. The more you get open to your partner, the more ironically the garden is embellished. 

1. Don’t shy to apologize

Often, things get screwed between couples, but that doesn’t mean you will be harsh to your partner or leave them. Three words are enough to get things back to normal— “I am sorry”. These three beautiful and powerful words can do wonders, even melt a stone heart- definitely, your partner will understand you.

Though sorry is a feeble word, it can compensate and validate in a relationship. Saying “sorry” works the same as fertilizer does for plants. Moreover, showing empathy for your partner is one powerful way to create emotional safety. 

2. Key to the relationships: Communication

Legends have said it right- a delicate and daily communication among couples can never let them fall apart.

Communication is to married life-like water is to plants. Studies have also shown that healthy communication is the foundation of a happy-living family. 

Chances can be both of you are busy with chaotic lives, workloads, kids, and other external factors. These all have tendencies to deflect our minds and make us forget to give our loved ones our attention. 

The next time you feel like your relationship is drifting, communicate with your partner. Sow some love seeds again.

3. Play some fun-games:

A few of the games like Romantic scribble, Drinking Roulette, Never Have I Ever, The Picture Game, and so on are interesting couples games. The couples get to laugh a lot while playing such fun-loving games and eventually it increases the oxytocin hormone. The more you laugh together, the many beautiful flowers blossom in your garden. 

We all know oxytocin is a love hormone. It’s considered the best remedy for couples to reduce stress and depression. When couples hug and laugh together – the flow of energy and love gets stronger, and together they cultivate the land for their fluorescence garden. 

4. Never let your partner feel down:

At certain times, when your partner lacks interest and support in the relationship, communicate with them graciously, instead of being rude.

Probably they are dealing with office politics or maybe appalled by a few of your actions on some things, which makes them distant towards you. Take your partner to visit their favorite place or soak under the sun at the beach.  It will make them feel better. It’s your time to pull out the weeds of resentment.

5. Let time heal the wounds:

No relationship can be a happy relationship without a hassle. Small fights are normal to keep the relationship on the track, but sometimes the disputes- lead to divorce. If you feel like your relationship is on the verge of divorce because of your rising daily conflicts, prefer not to talk to each other for a few days.

Let things settle down themselves. Doing this will calm your mind and make you better understand each other. And once the romance is back, commit to making time for each other, whether be going to a date night, cooking dinner together, weekly walk, or whatever fits for you.

Just like the lovely plants take time to make your garden look astonishing, the relationship needs proper nurturing. Make sure you keep the “watering can” filled and ready.

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