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Sex Addiction: How to Read the Signs

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Sex is a fun thing to have, but has it become more of an issue? For you, something you enjoy? It can happen. 

Figure out what’s happening with you? Look at our list for some sex addiction signs.

How to read sex addiction signs?

Too much of a good thing is wrong. I’m not saying sex is nasty, but addictive sex can lead to a dark side. I agree sex is fun, exciting, stress-buster, arousing, relaxing, and so on. But, when sex becomes an addiction and becomes overpowering, it becomes a cause to worry.

So, how do you know you’re getting addicted to sex? Have you ever cheated on your partner? Caught watching porn in the office? Well, it’s tricky to answer these questions, but if you answer them honestly, you get to know whether or not you are addicted? Most people know they are sex addicts but don’t want to admit it. Once you accept it, you know of your actions. And prevention is better than cure.

Definition of Sex Addiction:

Sex addiction can refer to a range of behaviors that are done in excess and significantly impact one’s life negatively.

Is Porn Addiction the Same as Sex Addiction?

Porn addiction and sex addiction are not the same disorder. Porn addiction is considered a sex addiction and can manifest itself differently from other types of sex addiction.

What Are the Different Sexual Addictions?

There are no distinct categories, but sexual addictions can come in different forms, including addiction to:

  • Pornography
  • Prostitution
  • Masturbation and sexual fantasies
  • Sadistic or masochistic behavior
  • Exhibition/Voyeurism
  • Other excessive sexual pursuits

The signs you’re a sex addict are here; you just need to see them.

1. Monogamy is impossible for you:

These are the people who live a double life while staying in a monogamous relationship. They like someone, live with someone else, and don’t even understand the pain they are giving to their partner. Moreover, if they are caught cheating, they instantly deny it. These types of people always seek other sexual partners, regardless of how good the sex is with their current partner. It’s never enough.

2. You’re preoccupied with sex:

You have two choices: either to attend the best friend’s wedding or to have sex with a friend or prostitute. If you go with the first option, then you’re all good, but if you opt for the second choice, then my dear friend, you need a therapist. Putting sex above everything is a loud and clear sign; you are a sex addict, and something is wrong with you.

3. Masturbate is your priority:

We all need to masturbate, but if you are masturbating a couple of times in a day or week, you are a sex addict. Sex addicts don’t need a partner to have sex to feed the urge. They can masturbate also.

4. You spend most of the time watching porn:

We all watch porn once a week or a month. But with a sex addict, a person could not resist watching porn. Porn can be used to satisfy or enhance one’s sex life sexually. See, addiction can be measured by how long you can last without the substance. If you seriously cannot spend a day without porn, that’s a big problem.

5. You don’t have functioning relationships:

All relationships around you are messed up. Your partner caught you while making out with someone else. You need to masturbate at least ten times a day and so on. All these little things are a real sign of a sex addict, which even destroys hopes in genuine love.

6. You feel powerless:

Sex made you restless and utterly hopeless. You are not sure what to do, whom to talk to, where to go, and naturally, don’t leave with many choices. Little by little, you lose everything. Talk to someone whom you can trust.

7. Your kinkiness takes over you:

Everyone has a kinky side, and it is not something new. Some people like to keep their life revolving around kinks, and if you are facing them, you need to talk to a professional. These are the stuff that you don’t want to cater to in your life, but being a sex addict, you can’t let them go. Though tying your partner up may have been fun in the beginning, walking them on a leash is a little much.

8. You love to have sex with strangers and prostitutes:

Having sex on the first date or encounter with an escort is not a bad thing. But if you are continually looking for strangers to have sex with, then everything is wrong. If so, you may be a sex addict.

9. You hate yourself:

You have no desire to do anything, yet in the wake of looking at what you have finished with other’s life, makes you hate yourself. Thou detest how you enabled sex to dominate. What sex has done to your life, and that you let it get this far.

10. You start living a double life:

Who knows, your sex addiction becomes part of your present life? With time, people figure out what’s wrong with you, but if you work hard to keep your current life with this dark side at a distance from each other, you must win.


Did you mark any of these signs? If yes, then it’s a sure sign of a sex addict. Talk to someone or consult a professional therapist. Get the help you need to enjoy your life again.

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