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10 Signs A Woman Shows To Make A Guy Notice Her

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Most of the ladies are shy in taking the initial steps; that doesn’t mean they don’t like you. All they want is you to notice the little signs they are making to know their real intentions. Through which you can figure out what you have to do.

Down below are some vital signs a woman shows to make a guy notice her.

1. Deep Eye Contact:

Listen, women rarely make intense eye contact. And if they’re doing so, there must be two conditions a) indications for help b) showing you that we like you. You literally have two options to choose from. Depending on the situation, option two fits here well. 

If a woman is staring at you, making prolonged eye contact, that’s a clear sign that she may be like you and trying to get your attention. Just try to smile back and see what happens. 

2. Playing with their hair: 

Well, it sounds a little lame and girly, but every other girl out there starts playing with their hair when they’re in front of a guy whom they want to notice them. It’s an automatic movement and somewhat equivalent to leg shaking. Basically, it’s completely subconscious and shows that they’re nervous. 

3. Try to show with their body language:

The one thing which never lies is body language. These days non-verbal communication imparts a lot, they are a clear indicator of unspoken words, and when a woman is trying to speak through her body language, it’s a subtle sign she wants your attention. She will try to open herself up more towards you, move her hair out of her face, and expose her neck or legs, caress her body while talking to you. These things are the straightforward means to get your eyes on her.

4. She amps up her style game:

Lately, she was the one who never put on some makeup, and sweatpants were her go-through style. But recently, she started dressing up a little nicer, from sexy short dresses to hot pants; it could be because of you. So, if you just met her and now she’s spending too much time on her appearance and looking good, then my boy, it’s you. Go and grab the opportunity.  

5. She’s always there for you:

Chances are she’s not up for her friends, but she is there where you wish to see her. Be it any shape or any circumstance, and she will do her best just to get a glimpse of you. Does the way she looks at you show everything? Then that’s a clear sign; she totally wants you to notice her and make her forever.

6. She’s touchy:

If she is contacting you, that means she wants to be friends with you or simply wants you to notice her. She is doing her best to grab your attention, but if you don’t see her signs, then it’s probably a punch back to you. 

7. She’s quite energetic: 

Doesn’t she give a second thought to the things you have asked for? Be it skydiving or fast-run. She is up for everything. She feels so energetic around you and wants you to notice her raising energy levels with you. 

8. Make an effort to talk to you: 

If it is more than just a “hey” or “what’s up” every now and then, it’s clear a pure sign that she badly wants you to focus on her. Taking out time from work to talk to you and always trying to come up with a normal-engaging conversation are sure chances that she wants you to notice her.

9. The way she shakes her leg on the dance floor: 

You see many women dancing at the bar, but if she’s dancing and making sexy moves, then she wants you to notice her. She may look at you while she’s dancing, then ignore you for a couple of minutes, and then look at you again, waiting for you to connect through eye contact.

10. She finds a way to talk to you:

If there’s a will, there’s a way. She will do all the nitty-gritty things to talk to you. The possibility is no tricks were left in her book; she still looks for ways to make you notice her—all you have to notice is your girl’s pleasant signs. 

Whatever it is, if a girl is really into you, she will find plenty of ways to start never-ending conversations with you. Else, keep this – Signs A Woman Shows To Make A Guy Notice Her Guide With You.

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