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New Product Launches to Help Women Combat Boob Sweat Just in Time for ‘Hot Girl Summer’

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Dawn Hunter was determined to create a solution to address boob sweat for all women who have been suffering in silence for far too long.

Enter Swoobie: an absorbent, disposable bra liner designed to keep your skin dry and your bra fresh. It’s about damn time.

Taking an innovative approach to an age-old struggle, Swoobie is a stick-on liner that adheres to the lower portion of your bra, with a moisture-lock system to pull wetness away from the skin and lock it deep inside its baby-soft layers. You can rock Swoobie all day with fearless confidence — no soaked-out bra, no slippery-squingy boob sweat, reduced risk of sweat rash, and NO embarrassing sweat stains you don’t see until you catch your reflection because your eyes can’t see under your boobs. Cringe. 

Dawn was inspired to find a solution after moving to New York City and enduring her steamy summer commute: those swampy, humid subway stations or bursting into flames under great layers of winter warmth. As Dawn got annoyed with her own boob sweat, she realized there were no practical, functional solutions available. 

The options for managing boob sweat were minimal and generally iffy — paper towels, tissues, baby powder (sooo powder sludge?), deodorant, argan oil, botox, staying home under the ceiling fan…all of which provided false assurances and minimal relief. 

 Pic By Udeaku Chikezie.

“We conducted a survey and found that 82% of women perspire at the bust to some degree, regardless of shape or size,” said Dawn Hunter, inventor of Swoobie and founder of Awkward Beauty. Over 30% of respondents reported experiencing rashes at their bustline, six times greater than she expected.

Aided with this proof of mass boob sweat misery, Dawn plunged into the male-dominated nonwovens industry (folks who produce diapers, wipes, bandages, and tea bags) armed with an eagerness to learn and a flexible wit. Excellent armor to defend against the disbelief and “certainty” of industry executives. Thankfully, everyone likes talking about boobs and the jokes write themselves – these factors helped Dawn build an audience despite broad skepticism.

Her most common rejection was, “If women really had that problem, there would already be a product for it, therefore it isn’t an issue.” This attitude flies in the face of numerous product patents filed over 50 years, in an effort to address boob sweat. It’s presumed these women were also told their solution didn’t address a large enough problem for mass-market distribution. 

Did you know, in the summer, men will lean to each side to un-stick their scrotum from their thigh? Watch them some time, they do! Dawn didn’t know this until she read it on Reddit in her 30s and was horrified by this raw discovery of truth (ew!). Men probably feel the same way about boob sweat (preferring to imagine women as dry angels that smell of sunshine).

After spending five years developing Swoobie and bringing it to market, Dawn’s thrilled to offer this critical wardrobe accessory to women tired of finding themselves in soggy bras smelling like last week’s BO. 

Pic By Udeaku Chikezie.

Swoobie is a discreet, effective and disposable solution for women big or small. Boobie-inclusive, sizes run Small, Medium and Large to cover chests of all shapes and sizes from 30A to 50H. Yes, they’re made for you!

Wearing a low-cut shirt with full cleavage on display? Dawn thought of that – it’s no issue with Swoobie’s versatile placement options. Pull off the sticker backing and adhere to your corset, bra, bustier, bodysuit, or even a (close-fitting) bridesmaid dress you’d sweat through on the dance floor. 

Whether you’re working a corporate job and suffer presentation flop sweat, condemned to a cardio-centric commute, perform nightly in the same costume, or prevail through hospitality services as a bartender or waitress — Swoobie’s got your back, and your rack. 

Serious question: how often do YOU wash your bra? Your uniform? Sweating in your bra and re-wearing the next day leaves a not-so-fresh odor that builds up daily and surprises you at bad times. Honestly, who washes their bra after a double-shift? If you wash your bra daily you’ll see a quicker degradation in its quality, support and function. 

To honor the hustle and grind of women in the waitstaff industry on National Waitstaff Day, May 21, Swoobie is offering a special discount from May 21st to the 31st. The women serving eggs benedict or shaking margaritas this Memorial Day Weekend can get 20% off Swoobie bra liners using code “86BOOBSWEAT”.

Swoobie is your newest secret weapon, the solution you have been waiting for, and the first of many Awkward Beauty products to come. 

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