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5 Reasons Why Small Choices Make a Big Difference

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Here are 5 reasons why small choices make a big difference, how you can use them to your advantage, and how life can get a whole lot better.

Before we dive in, let me explain why this is so important. First, when we have big goals, dreams, or tasks that we need to accomplish, we can often get paralyzed by their daunting nature. When this happens, the overwhelm of the situation can leave us not knowing where to start, and we actually stay stuck and end up doing nothing. So, this is where small steps come in.

Second, do not underestimate the power of small and thoughtful choices. While you may not see instant gratification for each small step, they will have a cumulative effect over time. Each step moves you in the right direction. You’re on the journey, and every step is one step closer! To sum it up, small mindful choices add up and make a big difference over time.

1. Make Mindful Decisions in the Moment

When you make mindful decisions at the moment, you are actively connecting with the future that you want to create. The key is to be present and ask yourself what I can do right now to create what I want? This means you’re not dwelling in the past and ruminating over what went wrong, nor are you worried about the future. You are creating the future. A mindful decision could be anything that feels like the next best step. You might reach out to someone who can help you, you might carve out time to work on a project, or the best next thing might be to take a break and go for a walk. In each moment, ask, what is the next best and most nourishing step I can take?

2. Small Choices are Really Doable

Small choices are really doable, and that’s where the magic lies. You will be making progress! Ask yourself, what are 3 small things I could do today to move toward my goal? If you’re low on energy, make them extra small but, make sure you do them. A month of 3 small choices is 90 actions you’ve taken towards your goal. Make a list, check them off as you complete them. Celebrate the small successes, and you might just find yourself enjoying the whole journey.

3. Avoid Being Paralyzed by Overwhelm

Here’s the clincher: whatever we do, we really want to avoid being paralyzed by overwhelm. Maybe a goal feels too big or even unattainable. Perhaps that big project has a lot of moving parts, and just thinking about it makes your head spin. What you want to do is break it down into manageable parts. Give yourself time. You’ll need time to get there. You’ll also need time buffered in for mistakes, obstacles, and revisions. You may not like the sounds of that but, the chances are that all those things that ‘get in the way’ will be valuable teaching moments and help your goal or project actually be even better than you may have imagined. Remember that no step toward your goal is too small. Keep moving!

4. Small Choices Add Up

The fact of the matter is that small choices add up. When you take small, consistent steps, you are getting somewhere. The small steps are less stressful because of their size. Yet, they all add up and are furthering you along your awesome journey. This is why I encourage you to track your steps (i.e., your 3 choices per day) and pause every once in a while to notice how far you’ve come. You will likely be pleasantly surprised!

5. Small Choices Create a Strong Foundation

When you take small, consistent, and mindful steps, you will create a strong foundation. By taking on manageable tasks, a few things happen:

  • You create mini rewards along the way. You can check these steps off your list as you go and feel a sense of accomplishment.
  • When you make this a regular practice, it will alter your mindset so that this becomes the way you operate on a daily basis.
  • Making progress is empowering. Not only are you closing in on your goal, but you’re gaining confidence along the way.
  • Each small mindful choice is like a building block creating a strong foundation for your future.

Being Present is the Key

As you take these tips into your day-to-day living, learn how to bring yourself into the present moment. This could be as simple as grounding your feet, taking a few deep breaths, and noticing what is going on around you. For your own self-care, notice what you need at this moment that will best support your well-being.

From this centered place, be aware of your energy levels and what it is you really want to accomplish. Big goals and dreams are awesome. Let them be inspiring and motivating. If you notice the paralysis of overwhelming setting in, remember to break it down into small manageable parts.

Keep Moving Forward!

Remember the small, mindful choices that you make consistently keep you in alignment, and they keep you moving forward. Track your progress (check off those 3 simple and doable tasks you’re performing today) and celebrate all the small victories along the way. Do not underestimate the power of the many small and seemingly simple steps you take. These are the building blocks of your future dreams. Keep moving and enjoy the journey!

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Adrienne Enns’ mission is to inspire our most intentional living. She is the Founder of May You Know Joy Inc. and the creator of intention cards that go by the same name. She has authored Intentional Days and hosts The Intention Sessions podcast.

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