Handy Everyday Accessories

5 Handy Everyday Accessories that Make Your Life Easier


In today’s hyper-connected world, most of us are no more than a click away from potentially millions of different products. And while every advertiser will tell us their product is essential, this can often be far from the truth.

Surprisingly, some of the most useful and convenient accessories to own are also often the most simple. Here are 5 everyday items that you’ll always be glad to have around the house. 

Chef’s Knives

If you like to cook regularly, there’s no reason not to spring for a decent set of chef’s knives. Dull, blunt knives can make your preparation unnecessarily time-consuming. Quality knives, meanwhile, are not only much more satisfying to use in the kitchen but can also last for many years, providing they are kept sharp. Good knives are often perceived as prohibitively expensive. However, while there are high-end options that can cost you up to $500, a solid mid-tier chef’s knife can also be purchased for as little as $50. 

Stainless Steel Knife Set

Stainless Steel Knife Set


Umbrellas may be thought of as a little outdated today, but if you’re ever caught in a position where you need to walk somewhere in the middle of a shower, you’ll be glad to have one. Cheap, lower-quality umbrellas can be bought for next to nothing but are often made out of flimsy materials. As such, they can break easily, especially in high winds. You may therefore want to pay a little extra for a decent one. If you periodically invest in umbrella cleaning services, they can also last in good condition for several decades. 


Light weight Travel Umbrella

LED Torches

No one wants to be caught in the middle of a power outage with no light source. And while mobile phones can do in a pinch for prolonged power outages, their battery life is often insufficient. A portable LED light is therefore always something useful to have around. Most carry a battery life of up to 30 hours and are surprisingly robust; As such, they’re also a handy thing to have around for camping trips. 

portable light

Portable Outdoor LED Floodlights

Home Security System

If you’re worried about potential burglars or intruders attempting to break into your home, a home security system is also something that should be seriously considered. With the advancements of smart technology, these systems are now cheaper than ever. Many systems can also utilize AI technology to sense the exact event that is going on and notify the correct authorities if needed. In addition, the majority of burglaries are opportunistic. As such, an alarm system alone can be a highly effective deterrent against intruders, especially if you live in an area with high crime

Home Security System

Home Security System

Extension Cable / Power Strip

Another perhaps boring yet incredibly useful item to have in your house is an extension cable. With many of us nowadays owning expansive entertainment systems, it’s fairly common to not have an adequate amount of power sockets in your home. Overloading these sockets can also pose a fire hazard. Power strips with surge protectors can solve both of these problems since they offer more sockets while also managing higher voltages. 

Extension Cable :

Extension Cable