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4 Ways to Keep Your Home Safe This Summer

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With summer coming to a close, you and your family likely want to soak up every last moment. Saying goodbye to the countless amounts of pool days, bonfires, and cookouts isn’t always easy. While summer is coming to an end, keeping your home safe is still incredibly important all year round. Take a look at the following four precautionary practices, and adapt them to your home and family when enjoying the last moments of summer. 

1. Home Security

4 Ways to Keep Your Home Safe This Summer

When you’re spending time with your loved ones, it can be easy to forget how common break-ins are across neighborhoods. There are many ways you can keep your home safe from intruders, thanks to the recent advances in technology. For example, cameras and alarm programs give you an extra set of eyes on your home without actually being there. The technology of some cameras and alarm systems can alert both you and the authorities of a break-in. 

Motion detector lights are slightly different from cameras and alarm systems, but still, work great in protecting your home. Since the lights sense movement, they make it seem as if someone is home when a thief is attempting to enter. If you decide to implement any of these security tools in your home, make sure to let your insurance company know. The added layer of protection can give you discounts on your insurance bill moving forward. 

2. Grilling Protection

Cookouts and bonfires are iconic to the summer season. When using a grill and handling fire, it’s very important to take precautionary measures. If not handled properly, fire can do serious damage to your kids and your home. Before turning on the grill, make sure it’s at least 10 feet away from anything flammable. Also, make sure neither your pets nor kids get in 3 feet reach of the grill. 

Likewise, don’t leave the fire on a grill unattended. With kids running around the backyard, the possibility of an accident happening increases greatly. Once you are finished, use water to extinguish the flame completely before you leave. Following these guidelines will keep everyone safe when grilling, but without a doubt, accidents can still happen. Just in case, keep a fire extinguisher and first aid kit close by at all times.

3. Pool Safe Practices

4 Ways to Keep Your Home Safe This Summer

The summer season isn’t complete without some fun in the water. While the pool can be one of the most refreshing parts of summer, it can also be dangerous if not used properly. Start establishing a safe environment by communicating with your kids beforehand about pool time. They shouldn’t be going in the pool without letting an adult know first. 

Consider setting a designated pool time to avoid them going in without your permission. At the end of the day, kids will be kids, and there will come a time where they won’t want to listen. If you find yourself in this situation, implement a motion-detecting fence around the pool. This fence and its sensors will notify you of any movement near the pool. 

If a fence may not seem like the best option for you, water sensors will detect movement from inside the pool. This is a better option if you’re looking for a much smaller add on to your backyard. Since you most likely want your kids to enjoy time in the water, consider signing them up for swim classes early. This way, they can acquire a solid skillset when it comes to swimming, which will take some stress off your shoulders as a parent. 

4. Determine Rules

As a parent, keeping your children safe will be your top priority. As they grow older, it’ll be much more difficult to keep track of them at all times. They will want to go out with friends and enjoy their time off from school. Establishing good communication with your kids and providing them with set rules upfront will make your life easier later.

Make sure your kids know what you expect from them in exchange for some freedom this summer. Educate them about the dangers they may run into and what to do if they find themselves in a sticky situation. Depending on your child’s age, you may not want to get them a phone just yet. Regardless, have them memorize your phone number in case of an emergency. 

Take a look at the checklist down below for some examples on rules you may want to set with your kids:

While summer can bring a whole lot of happy memories, it can also bring many opportunities for danger. To minimize the risk, make sure you adapt the precautionary measures mentioned above in your home.

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