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Is Meditation: The Path To Happiness?

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Let me guess: Within the last couple of years, you’ve seen enough doctors lasting for a lifetime? All you’re longing for is a healthy, happy life. You end up asking yourself: Is that really too much to ask? 

Absolutely not. 

This seems to be the destiny for many suffering from chronic diseases, such as depression, maldigestion, migraine, or tinnitus. Sunshine, don’t give your hopes up just yet.

About 80% of all health issues are stress-related – including the ones mentioned above. So by finding ways how to reduce your stress level, you’ll naturally start your healing engine. 

How will Meditation help me?

meditation to release tension

Meditation. Nowadays, this once foreign word deriving from the east is well known all over the world. For a very good reason: it’s one of the greatest gifts humanity ever received.

Not only does it help in terms of stress reduction and is, therefore, able to cure even severe diseases. No, it also boosts your performance by lengthening your attention span and the reduction of memory loss. In Meditation, we oftentimes focus on a single word, a sound, or a focal point, called „Drishti. “ This helps to increase the endurance of your attention span. You learn how to stay focused, undistracted no matter what’s going on around you. You find stillness within yourself. So Meditation develops a tremendous amount of mental discipline and willpower.

Meditation increases your level of (self-) awareness. While being in Meditation, you become the observer of your own thoughts and emotions, which, after all, translates into the development of a stronger understanding of yourself. By knowing who you are, your level of self-trust naturally enhances. 

You also become aware of a) beneficial and b) self-destructive habits/thoughts. By being aware of them, you are then able to change them for the better. The exact same thing works with dependencies, triggers, and addictive behaviors. 

So Meditation brings to the surface which otherwise easily would have stayed undetected in the subconscious mind. Bringing things to the surface is the first step to understanding the cause behind certain habits/ thoughts/ behaviours.

Do I have your attention? Great, let’s dive deeper.

What does it take to live a healthy, happy life? 

meditation to release tension

It really doesn’t take much. Actually, it takes nothing less than the realization that healing, fulfillment, and happiness find their roots internally, rather than externally. 

For as long as we rely on the external, we’ll end up dissatisfied. Like it or not, but there’s impermanence in all things. Everything shall pass; external things won’t last. 

So in order to live the life we desire, we need to look for happiness within ourselves. Why is this crucial? Well, it‘s where we regain power over our lives. When the only one you depend on is you, no one and nothing is able to take away your happiness.

However, accessing this inner natural happiness is where it gets tricky, and it’s exactly where the meditation practice steps into the game. 

Imagine the practice of Meditation to be your mental gym. Instead of flexing your muscles, you train your mind by learning how to consciously control and use its positive qualities. Therefore, the main purpose of Meditation is to enable you to gain access to this inner natural happiness/ light of yours.

Meditation itself won’t make you happy. Instead, it will help you strip down these layers covering up the happiness that is already within. 

There are many different meditation techniques. You may find out that one works better for you than another. So be patient, and find your perfect fit. 

Whichever meditation practice you decide on, make sure your spine is straight so the energy can flow. It doesn’t really matter if you prefer to sit or lay for your meditation practice; as long as you feel comfortable, you don’t fall asleep, and prana, your life force, can circulate freely.

Here’s a list of some common meditation techniques you might want to try:

  • Visualization & Yoga Nidra yogic „sleep“ and inner pictures
  • Manta-Meditation focus on a word/ phrase
  • Metta Meditation Sending loving kindness.
  • Active Meditation: f.i. Yoga or Qi Gong
  • Mindfulness Meditation: focus on sth particular, f.i. the breath, feelings, environment,…

If you’re ready to awake your full potential, feel free to join me for a 15 min meditation to release tension and calm the mind. 

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