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A Guide On How to be a Smart, Confident, Woman

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Women who are confident and smart display some unique traits that we can incorporate into our own lives. Even adopting one of these skills can bring us closer to a happier and more prosperous lifestyle.

So, what are these traits that can help us gain a reputation as confident and smart women?

The Smart Confident Woman and Physical Appearance:

The smart, confident woman will take care of herself and attractively present herself. She doesn’t worry too much about society’s standards of beauty. Instead, she focuses on her own sense of style. She knows that it is useless to torture herself to others’ standards, so she adapts her perception of beauty to the body she lives in.

When the smart, confident woman receives a compliment, she will say “thank you” and move on. She will not argue the compliment or qualify it. She sees that the compliment giver recognizes something of value, and she is thankful for the support. 

A quick way to practice these characteristics:

Take time to notice your assets and acknowledge them. When you are getting dressed in the morning, look in the mirror, and compliment yourself on at least one thing. Don’t leave the house until you feel comfortable that you are looking as good as you can. If you do this regularly, you will develop a style that reflects your sense of self. You will start to walk with your head held higher because you are confident that you look your best.

When you receive a compliment, say “thank you” and stop talking. This may take some practice, but once you acquire the skill, it will be very empowering. Remember, if you downplay compliments, you’re suggesting the other person is wrong. Downplaying compliments will make you look insecure and could potentially insult the other person. 

The Smart Confident Woman and Interactions with Others:

These ladies have an innate curiosity about other people. The smart, confident woman will take time to analyze how nicely to interact with people. She wants to learn who shares her values and when it’s best to avoid others who could bring her trouble to her world. 

She understands that people spend most of their time thinking about themselves and not others, so she doesn’t worry about judgments. Instead, she focuses her energy outward. She is on a mission to learn whether the other person will fit in her world.

A quick way to acquire these characteristics:

Remember that although we are consumed with our own lives, the rest of the world isn’t as focused on us. We aren’t “the center of attention” that we think we are. When we understand that, we can feel a lot of relief and an increase in confidence. 

When you meet someone, try to switch your thinking away from yourself and into curiosity about the other person. Try not to worry about what they think about you. Instead, focus on what you think about them. 

Lastly, the first time you notice that someone is showing negative traits get away from them. Remember, the smart, confident woman named Maya Angelou warned us, “when people tell you who they are, believe them the first time.” 

Smart Confident Women are Curious:

Smart, confident women seek knowledge to help them create a better life. They actively search for expertise, and they enjoy reading and watching informative shows. They also know that useful information can be present in unexpected ways, so they are open-minded and seek information from many sources. 

A quick way to acquire these characteristics:

When you learn something new, take note that you are adding to your arsenal. Make a game of it by telling yourself that you will learn something new each day. Read, and seek out knowledge from different sources. You can build your smarts and confidence in no time if you become curious and start reading or listening to the people around you.

Smart Confident Women Focus on Solutions:

When confronted with a problem, the smart, confident woman will immediately go into solution mode. She knows that there is a solution to every problem. She also recognizes that too much time spent complaining about the problem may magnify the issue and increase the level of stress or close doors for resolution.

The smart, confident woman also recognizes that she doesn’t have all the answers to everyone who makes mistakes. When she encounters a particularly difficult problem, she asks for help from others that she trusts and respects. When she makes mistakes, she learns from them, and when a problem creeps up, she wonders how exposure to this problem will help her grow.

A quick way to acquire these characteristics:

When you are dealing with a problem, seek out the counsel of others. Request insight from a trusted friend, a clergy member, a coach, mentor, or all the above. It’s hard to see all sides of a problem when we are in the thick of things, so it’s good to ask for insight from someone who has a little more clarity. It also helps to think of problems as challenges to overcome or look at them as lessons.

A Final Note about Smart Confident Women:

In a nutshell, smart, confident women search out knowledge and surround themselves with others who can help make their life richer. They avoid negativity and look for growth, results, and solutions. Because they are committed to the forwarding movement, their lives reflect each success. These ladies recognize that they are human and not perfect. They expect problems and failures, but they also know that solutions exist. They’re optimistic about the future because they see that life is easy to manage when you approach it with curiosity. 

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Christina McCaffrey
Christina McCaffrey is a Success Coach with InTrusted Coaching. She also owns a boutique real estate firm called Triangle Trusted Realty. She is an entrepreneur, a trusted friend, and someone who feels comfortable in her own skin because she is a smart, confident lady.

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